2022.5: Streamlining settings

Your reactionary reply suggests you misunderstood the question and my answer.

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Wow! What a packed release. :partying_face: Can’t wait to refactor my scripts and automations! :smiley:

Diagnostic File KNX

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Please use code tags (tripple backticks ```) to denote code / yaml / josn and make it readable.
And open a new thread to not spam this one too much.

I did it for him.


Thanks for the awesome release Devs, great work. I started refactoring some of my automations but quickly realised in some circumstances I still prefer Choose…go figure! Can’t say I’m a big fan of the menu changes though. Personally, I think People should be in with Zones and Areas for a simple reason, zones are pointless without people. Most of the System options were better as tabs, more convenient to jump to tabs than back out and then back into a different location…too many layers too much clicking. I can’t understand how Tags gets it’s own config but energy doesn’t, worse energy is hidden in Dashboards! No make no sense. The multiple conditions thing is cool but needs to be added to the zone trigger too so that you can trigger by multiple people in a zone.

All in all though, massive steps forward again. Amazing how far you’ve brought it since I first jumped on-board (0.38 I think). I stopped looking for a better alternative quite some time ago.

Thanks for the continuing improvements, but unclear on the depreciation of base_url.

Im now getting a warning message that I should be using internal/external url instead of base_url but the documentation for TTS still references base_url in example:

Is this out of sync with depreciation? Or am I misunderstanding what is no longer supported?


I was also looking for the check config for too long. I agree that the restart in system is in a good place, but definattely that button needs a better feedback, even if it’s only a loading on the button itself, I also think that the check config should run always on that specific button.

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I know this may be unpopular, but I’m really liking the UI design changes that have been introduced over the last several releases, along with what appears to be the direction it’s going.

To all those who put in the long hard hours to make HomeAssistant, not only more approachable, but quite frankly usable by folks like me. THANK YOU!!


So last_triggered has been removed now? I’ve been using that for years to throttle how often automations can run. Thats going to break a lot of my automations…

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No. What makes you say that?

Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 22-12-07 Developer Tools – Home Assistant

Breaking Change → Recorder

The following attributes are no longer recorded:
Automation: current, id, last_action, last_triggered, max and mode.

You’re miss understanding the change. It’s not stored in the database, it still exists on the automation entities.

OK so it exists whilst HA is running, but on reboot, it wont remember anymore?

It still remembers on reboot

Ok, so what did that change actually do?

It removed the attribute from your database…

Ok thanks, thats good.

Do you use the SQL sensor (integration) to traverse your database to look for last_triggered? If yes, this impacts you. If no, it does not impact you.

Whilst I use SQL sensor, its not for that, so I’m all good, thanks for clearing it up.