2022.5: Streamlining settings

hmm I’m on Rasp Pi 4 with Argon one m.2… what would you suggest then bc I’m half confused. haha

Are you using HAOS or pios ? how did you install HASS?

HassOS install

I think you want either “Home Assistant Versions” or “Home Assistant Website” either should be fine but probably the first one. BTW Can you PM me some info about your argon / fan control etc? :slight_smile: I’m about to set one up

Awesome thanks for the help… I know it’s a busy topic today …lol
I just got mine up and running. I can PM you, but the only thing I did was use this add on

I hope Adam gets back to me about scraping the current temperature from the add on bc only sensor if the fan speed

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Should consider adding something to the Breaking Changes about the change to the HASS OS DNS forwarders no longer forwarding .local hostnames. I went around in circles all day about why my configs that used local hostnames stopped working, till Mike informed me of the change. Switching from .local to .home.arpa for my internal FQDNs fixed the issue


Gosh where did you find that? Do you have a thread or issue where this is discussed?

An older thread that started for a different reason, that I may have incorrectly chimed in on with my issue, but Mike was still abe to help me in the end.

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Yea its a supervisor change not core hence not in here. Change and reason explained here:

Essentially supervisor was forwarding multicast queries to the listed resolvers. This is bad practice as it risks leaking internal names to external resolvers and multicast queries are supposed to be completely handled in the ways specified by their specs which doesn’t involve DNS resolvers. We’re doing the right thing now but it does mean if you relied on a dns rewrite for a .local name in Adguard for instance that’s not going to work anymore.

Yes. Many improvements that I am looking forward to learn.


The Restart button is available in the System menu.

Where? All I see is a host reboot and shutdown.

In the far upper right in Systems

Thanks @jjlawren for your speedy reply. That’s how I use it and wanted to double check before I upgrade

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Out of habit from being bitten in the yaml so many times, (As recently as earlier this week). I always clicked on “Check Configuration” before any restart. Some things still have to be done in YAML. (I would have liked to see the Check Configuration performed automatically with any restart).

So, do I have to run the Check Configuration in Developer Tools now? Bummer.

This already happens, has for an age (been mentioned above in this thread already).

Also the restart button is in there on same page as Check Configuration too if you do want to Check manually before restarting.

And a few YAML-challenged old users.

I think it was only added functionality to triggers

Thanks for the updates as always. Unfortunately 2022.5 seems to have broken SNMP sensors however.

The LIRC Infrared Blaster/Receiver integration does not load with this version, (nor the last version, at least).

The integration’s manifest does not show a code owner. Does someone review issues with “non-currently-owned” integrations when the bot doesn’t prompt someone? LIRC Integration Fails to Load after Failing to Self-Install its Dependencies · Issue #71177 · home-assistant/core · GitHub).

Where has the ‘Import from USB’ option on the old ‘Supervisor’ page gone? As referenced here: Debugging the Home Assistant Operating System | Home Assistant Developer Docs

SNMP working great for me on 7 different devices. You sure you can reach the endpoints?