2022.8: You can fix it!

Read the full release announcement here

Awesome to see Bluetooth support. Can’t wait to get it working!

Great summer release :slight_smile:
Thanks for this awesome work!

Excellent work! Thanks!

I’ll try out the Bluetooth support with Eve devices!

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I hope for a future Robomow bluetooth support

Love it! Going to dust off those miflora’s :joy:

I’ve added the Goggle integration and I can see all my HA devices (entities) in Google Home on my Android phone. But I have other 3rd party integrations in Google Home that’s not compatible (yet) with Home Assistant. Now, since these devices (items) are visible in Google Home, is there a way to make them visible (controllable) in Home Assistant through the Google integration in some way ?

How about Bluetooth Presence Detection? Will it work just as in 2022.06?

Yup can’t wait! Miflora / Switchbot, love this! Not going to wait until the .1 version :wink:

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Bluetooth LE tracker has been rewritten and should work again. Bluetooth tracker has not been updated


I’m sorry… I… cannot… resist…



I had the same question - does the BT tracker integration now work as before based on the new BT integration?

Edit: Just saw the post by makai - OK, looking forward to the next release… :wink:

No, that integration hasn’t changed this release. The bluetooth_le_tracker, however, did get an upgrade and uses the new Bluetooth layer.



Yes, problem with that is that iOS devices can only be tracked with an app on the device as it changes its id (BT MAC? don’t exactly know…) regularly on BLE which it apparently does not for good ol standard BT. So I am hoping for the BT tracker to be updated as well…

Thanks for the awesome update :+1:

There is no mention to the Ecovacs integration that was affected by the latest Home assistant version 2022.7.x.
Still waiting for a solution.

Ok, waiting for the update on normal bluetooth presence detection then… I can’t use HA properly without it :pray:

GitHub issue #74564 is still open

It seems that they know what needs to be done to fix it but they don’t have the necessary access to do so.

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Just for fun I installed the Room Assistant app and placed it near one of my ESP32 devices with BLE enabled - and voila:

[16:20:40][D][esp32_ble_tracker:726]: Found device 70:B6:C4:1E:51:AB RSSI=-97
[16:20:40][D][esp32_ble_tracker:747]:   Address Type: RANDOM
[16:20:40][D][esp32_ble_tracker:749]:   Name: 'room-assistant companion'
[16:20:40][D][esp32_ble_tracker:751]:   TX Power: 2

Interestingly, it doesn’t announce the UID the app has given it, so let’s see if the MAC stays stable (then that would be a chance to use that without Room Assistant) or not…

Do the Bluetooth updates allow other Bluetooth enabled devices (like Tablets) to connect devices?

I have a single SwitchBot in my living room. It’s too far from my Synology to get a reliable Bluetooth connection to the dongle on the NAS, but it’s less than 5 feet from a dedicated tablet that’s running Home Assistant 24/7. I don’t want to set up additional hardware just to get a single Bluetooth device connected, so it’d be awesome if HA could/does leverage the tablet’s bluetooth connection to communicate with the bot.

(I suppose I could just update and see, but I have ~30 Lifx devices I’ve painstakingly set up, so I can’t update until I have a good chunk of troubleshooting time)