2023.11 To-do: Add release title

Yes, go to dev tools, statistics

It says “no problem” there for the faulty sensors. But I can’t do anything with the sensors concerning the data values - or do I miss something?
It seems to be the same or a similar issue as this one here: Spikes in statistics average graph around restart · Issue #89000 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

You can go and edit the statistics there (click the ramp icon to the right hand side)

@averater - Then I would have to do that on all devices for all users.

Couldn’t you give each user their own dashboard?

Means - users had faulty automations, but HA did not inform users about it since HA did not know they are faulty; now HA does know it and disabled them. This is great.
I wonder why these users think that their automations were operating properly then… Rhetorical question.

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given Browser_mod now (ha 2023.11) really grinds the frontend, I opened an issue, please add if you see the same: browser_mod slows the Frontend in 2023.11 up to being completely unresponsive · Issue #652 · thomasloven/hass-browser_mod · GitHub

makes me look elsewhere for changing the sidebar title now…

I only have this ramp icon at energy sensors (kWh). All the other statistics sensors with other units (kW, °C, …) show nothing there. E. g. one like this one:

- platform: statistics
    name: hz_laufzeit_heizung
    unique_id: 2023-07-12-0432
    entity_id: sensor.hz_laufzeit_heizung_24h
    state_characteristic: average_step
      hours: 12

The question was rhetorical but this thing still bothered me…
I just checked and verified, the automations were working fine before 2023.11.

My automations that failed with 2023.11 had a device id that was false/wrong. But there was also an entity id in clear text (instead of hex numbers) and that was correct. So I think because of that with version 2023.10 the automation still worked, I guess it didn’t check device ids.

Since I have not seen the automation code, I may only guess.
My guess is: there is some trigger or condition where you defined device-id and entity-id. Was it really necessary to define a device since you defined an entity?

Just in case anyone else has this issue… I had to remove any existing fitbit config before I could upgrade this release!

It was a ‘condition’. I had used the visual editor to do that, did not know about device ids or entity ids (at that time), the editor had added both.

Also: that entity was earlier this year using a different device. When the device changed, I don’t recall if I used the visual editor to change it or did I just edit the automation in yaml and changed only the entity (entity name changed when the device changed). Probably used yaml and that explains the wrong device id, I guess earlier HA versions used just the entity id, so it still worked until now.

That is why I use yaml((((

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At me still cannot update, i press on update, HA restarted but is same version 2023.10.5, i dont know what to do.


So, is it possible to use assist in adding tasks to a todo list? I know that there’s already an intent for adding to a shopping list, but I couldn’t get it to work.

hi, without more info, it is going to be impossible for anyone to help. Generally at a minimum folks will need to know what type of hardware you are using, what type of installation you have on that hardware, and will also ask what was in your logs from when it was claiming it was updating

I just noticed what I believe to be a bug with the new Tile card features but thought I’d post here before reporting on Github incase it’s user error…

If I create a new Tile card for an entity, in this case one of my motion sensors, the UI lets me add ‘features’ such as ‘last triggered’, however if I put that exact same entity in a Tile card wrapped in a Grid card, the UI says that the entity has no available features.

In order to get those ‘features’ shown when using Tile in Grid, I had to add them in YAML mode.

is worked after i remove something from configuration.yaml


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It’s a bug : Use strict comparison for above condition in conditional card by piitaya · Pull Request #18560 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub
Thanks for reporting!


The ha-slider has been migrated to material 3 library because the previous one was unmaintained and deprecated : https://github.com/home-assistant/frontend/pull/18168

You should be able to theme the new one using these variables : Material Web - Sliders. It’s not officially supported but it should work.


Thank you Paul.