2023.11 To-do: Add release title

Had the same problem. That’s how I ended up here.

Hey this worked great for my media player. Only thing missing is when I click the handle its a diff color…

Is there a md-slider-ON-CLICK-handle-color: orange

I can tell you for certain that my device ID’s changed. I did a comparison of an older core.device_registry to the one after the update. A big number of these changed…

The automations now have errors due to the ID’s changing.

Please show the comparison then

Here is an example…

Old: (2024.6.4)

New: (2024.7.1)

That would be a bug, I suggest you create an issue against the mobile app integration for Android.

Do you have other examples of “big” number of them changing?

The biggest number of devices that changed were my Zigbee devices (ZHA). I had to redo all of my automations that had anything to do with ZHA. Unfortunately, I deleted the backups after sending you the example. This is the second time for me that this has happened in 2023.11 and 2024.7. I know others have reported this as well in the past.

The point is, this should not happen. if/when it does happen, an issue should be written up against the offending integration. Your device IDs will not change. If they do, you encountered an issue.