2023.12: Welcome home!

Read the full release announcement here

Been using the beta, and it is very nice. Thanks.


If the only way to get todos is to use service, then how to integrate it in rest/appdaemon/websocket?

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Does the new dashboard settings mean I can not have an empty ‘overview’ - dashboard as the dashboard you jump into when opening the app?

Did the issue with Automations referencing non-existing devices get fixed ?

What do you mean with empty? The settings refer to the automatically created dashboard. Custom dashboards are not affected by this.

Nice but please more Details about „long-term statistics“.

How far back does this go and what does this mean for the size of the database?

Are there any plans to configure this in the recorder? Keyword control

This is a great function for certain entities such as temperatures etc., but you should allow control.
You simply don’t need long-term recording for most entities.


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Regarding long-term statistics, should we still keep auto_purge as true in config.yaml but remove purge_keep_days?

  auto_purge: true
  #purge_keep_days: 10

If I create a yaml dashboard and some other dashboards, I can’t remove the ‘overview’ default dashboard from the mobile app, and what’s more, it Opens in it as well.

Love the picnic integration. Would be great to see this integration better in future. how many items you want from something.

Now I add 3 times same product so in Picnic app I see 3 bread for example

yes, some more information about history and long-term statistics would be great.

  • how many days/months/years of data will be kept in the long-term statistics?
  • what is the recommended value for purge_keep_days?
  • it would be great to see the documentation about the recorder in sync with the latest feature
  • how should a good recorder.yaml look like?
auto_purge: true     # default true
auto_repack: true    # default true
purge_keep_days: 31  # default 10

Since the database could grow fast and infinite this is an important topic for many of us

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Nothing has changed w/ recorder and long term stats. You only need to remove the purge_keep_days if you were using history to track beyond the default via the history graphs. Things that aren’t in LTS will still benefit from using purge_keep_days higher than 10.



Nothing changed here. The only thing that changed is that we display long term statistics inside the history graph. I.e. the recommendations stay the same from before remain the same.

This change was 100% visual and does not change anything in your current databases.


Can we get a circular thermostat-like control for any old input.number entity? I have a custom input.number for the volume on my receiver that matches the dB level on its front panel (and not simply from 0 - 100%), and would love to be able to use that style of circular control rather than the default slider.

Everything is working great after the upgrade except my Bluetooth module on my CM4 Lite. Detects a new hci0, but if I delete all the BT and rediscover it’s not setting up correctly.

This is on a Home Assistant Yellow with a 4GB CM4 Lite (BT and WiFi module).

ok …
On the other hand the message about the new feature made me assuming there will be an impact on DB size and need to reconfigure the recorder

If you have manually modified the days to keep before purging recorder on your system, consider removing that customization. With the long-term statistics and new feature, you most likely don’t need it anymore, resulting in a smaller database and, thus, faster and smaller backups.

I’m fighting with a huge database and appreciate any help :slight_smile: :pray:

Yes, it’s basically telling you “If you used a larger purge_keep_days, you might want to reconsider this because history now shows you everything that’s stored forever”. Instead of you holding everything forever in your regular history.

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i’ve mentioned this in beta discord channel :
calendar.get_events is not documented here

can this be fixed as i have no idea how to migrate ?

EDIT : i’ve realised that i can actually use developer tools and see the response to understand the new format :slight_smile: (and since both old and new services are available, the format changes are easy to spot !)

OK, fixed the Bluetooth. Had to delete the Bluetooth HCI0 and any BLE devices. Restarted Home Assistant Yellow and then was able to configure properly without error.
I’m not sure if this is a change with 2023.12 or the recent HAOS 11.2 upgrade that was just last week. Perhaps my reboot after 2023.12 realized the change in HAOS 11.2? I do see that there was a change related to the HA Yellow UART settings in that release.

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