2023.12: Welcome home!

#meetoo, the previous version was finished and didn’t need fiddling with.

Demoting the mode control a level down has reduced the usability, and the word ‘Target’ is misleading when the heating system is turrned off in summer or in frost protection mode in winter.

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I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere…

where is the documentation for this:

Looking here simply documents the deprecated list_events.

Having got the repair warning


I changed my automations to use the new service but couldn’t get it to work. I’m pretty sure that is my fault but without any docs how do I know?

Are we stepping back 5 years to the bad old days with HA when the docs were pretty awful? I hope not :slight_smile:

The thing with ignoring and postponing is that you will be caught up in time anyway. If something is causing a problem for you and it will not be addressed by “Nabu Casa” at some day you either have to swallow it or code your way out.

To see how it works I joined the Beta version discussion. In case of the thermostat card there was barely a discussion. Only on the sensitivity of the circle slider. I don’t know how serious that group is or how independent the discussion goes. Anyway I see it as the moment to give input and I how we get a better response then after the formal update.

Or consider this: we all liked the new thermostat.


It’s covered pretty well in the documentation. Has everything you need to know in the templates.

The service call…

Using the data in a separate service call

There’s even a new search function on homeassistant.io that directs you to the exact place in the documentation.


Not sure how much better it can get… all you have to do is look for it.

Clearly I did

This documents the deprecated list_events

Well, then suggest an edit to include get_events. Seems like it was accidentally missed.

service: calendar.get_events
  entity_id: calendar.school
    hours: 24
response_variable: agenda
service: notify.gmail_com
  target: [email protected]
  title: Daily agenda for {{ now().date() }}
  message: >-
    Your agenda for today:
    {% for event in agenda['calendar.school'].events %}
    {{ event.start}}: {{ event.summary }}<br>
    {% endfor %}

I would have considered it but as I said I couldn’t get it to work so wouldn’t have been able to document it!

You have however, I think, pointed me to my mistake (square brackets and quotes.
(you’d think I could have guessed that by now even if I didn’t know…)

I sure did. In fact that’s what I wanted to know. However there is a slight nuance in we all liked it and we have no issue with it. And as it seems some do have an issue with it. Hence the discussion.

Anyway I joined the Beta group discussion and claim my right to “vote”.

Unfortunately they were not on the beta team or present in the frontend test group before that.

You don’t get to vote if you don’t run the beta too :wink:

(there is no “voting”, only feedback).

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Correct, It would have been nice to have all the feedback in this thread before release. But we didn’t get any of it. And now the changes are being made after this threads feedback.


Took a shot at a “get_events” PR:

Feedback welcome :slight_smile:

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That’s right. Hence the “” It’s not a vote. I am aware. I just referring to having my voice heart in this semi-democratic process. Still it’s a community.

Anyway Tom, I always go through the seemingly non ending list of correction, updates and debugs at every new release and I am truly amazed how much work is done. I quite often commend the results and work done. Likewise if I see or experience something what I don’t like I will feed that back as well.

I understand that the devs are proud ion their products and to change it back or even correct mistake is probably not too nice but hey it happens to all of us!


Just as long as you are aware that open source does not actually mean “full democracy”.

That I never claimed.

Petro, it’s still not too late. For me it isn’t :wink:

I used to work for an independently owned company and we used to say, “we all have a voice, but we don’t always get a vote”

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Agreed. Another case of the devs knowing better than the people who actually use it.

Please don’t tell me that ‘breaking changes’ has been renamed to be more politically correct?


Hi, Was just about to open an issue when I looked at the log file and saw a timeout for image platform. I have 3 maps in my app and thought that I should try deleting one map and see if it will work then because of the shorter time it will need to gather all information for two maps and instead of three and automagically it worked. So maybe that is the issue if someone else is having any trouble with the maps feature?

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