2023.2: How can I Assist?


Why do I suddently have a bunch of update notifications for my ESPHome devices?
I don’t want or need update them until it’s absolutely necessary, so how do I disable these notifications, would you kindly?

so how do I disable these notifications,

By reading an answer around 10 posts up…?

Cheers, but, come on: enabling such a feature for everyone by default is an obvious mistake, leading to confusion.

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Of course it is, but there’s nothing you can do except do a temporary solution and disable those entities, right? Oh, and vote on that esp site, but success is … well…strongly doubtfull…

13 votes total including mine, lol.
How people can be happy with such annoyances is beyond me.


probably, because:
Not all are using esphome, so in fact only a certain amount of users will get those notifications
and then - those who do, probably just don’t care much about the “update” information.

In fact, I don’t… I see that there’s an update - and I run the update when I want… or just ignore it until I have some time / do changes or whatever…

But ok, right now, I only have some ESP connected for testing purpose, not for anything productive.

I understand your point, it’s just when you choose to ignore update notifications they become useless altogether. I have a bunch of ESPHome devices I programmed personally (room lights, LED lightning, power strips, door intercome, water valve controls, NSPanel, etc) and having their update notifications show up at once made me jump. Ignoring updates for whole lot will definitely make me miss something important :frowning:

Like it’s been already said: the annoying thing is if you have 30 or 40 update warnings and among them it’s one important which you’ll miss since it’s “lost in space” (or between hundreds of needless esp updates)…

I can’t be sure, since - no update on my esp is “important” - as far as I would recall… but anyone might consider the priority of a certain update by his onw…

Meaning: what you might consider as “not important” - might be an important update for someone else.
Therefore, I think it will be hard for the developers to find the actual “best way” to do such kind of tasks…
And - at least, that’s why you have the option to set specific update notifications to ignore.

But - I can also agree to your case… having several notifications, sometimes multiple per week for 30 or more devices can be annoying - for sure… :-/

Am I the only person not getting these update warnings?

Esphome 2023.3.0-dev
Home assistant 2023.2.5
Supervised on debian bullseye.

I only have 3 ESPHome devices (so far) but I’m not seeing anything more than the usual notification that there’s an ESPHome add-on update available. The one which shows up in the Settings menu. I just clicked “Skip” and it’s gone. I’m running HA 2023.1.7.

Since a few days my HA doesn’t restart when I tell it to, I keep getting the unavailable page on HA. I need to pull the power cord from my Pi. Is this a known bug?

Can changing the units be added to power sensors as well?

I’m not getting them either.

Core 2023.2.5 on Debian Bullseye.

I compile ESPHome configs on my Mac. Unsure of the version now, but it’s some months old. I don’t touch my ESPHome devices very often. But, I don’t think this matters, since I understand that this should show up server-side.

OK, I have moved to MariaDB in Docker using, tobi312/rpi-mariadb:10.6-debian
(RPi 4 armv7, HA Docker)

Everything is working now.
At the beginning I had some problem, HA migration to new 2023 version was failing.
I had minimized my DB by letting recorder purge keep days running from 30day to 7day before migration and new HA version, which minimized my DB from ~3GB to ~1GB.
(for copying DB from local to docker I used heidisql to copy directly without manual dump/import step)

I’ve a proposal to mitigate the concerns. Let’s split all firmware updates into two categories:

  • Important: to prevent breaking changes from happening and to fix security issues.

  • Optional: all other updates.

Any reason the code editor on mobile app (iOS) doesn’t show anymore for non custom cards?

That makes sense. That’s sort of how Microsoft does it with Windows updates. In that scenario, there are always some updates available, which is fine.

But it makes me question the best way to present them. Clearly the user with 200 ESPHome devices doesn’t need to see a yellow “bubble” with the number 200 in it. Nor do we want to totally hide updates so the beginner user never even knows they’re available.

Personally, I liked the way it was before. If there were an ESPHome update, or HA update, I’d see the number “1” or “2” in the bubble. When I went into ESPHome itself, I’d see which of my devices needed updating.

I made a feature request to add the ability to hide ESPHome entities because I have several ESPHome devices that are offline on purpose. Like my holiday lighting.

It’s bad enough to see “Update” on 50+ devices every few days, but worse on devices that I can’t update because they are in the attic in a box marked “XMAS Decorations”.

I do NOT want to see them in my Home Assistant Settings Page. This was not a well planned addition.


I disable my Xmas lighting ESPHome device when the lights are taken down.

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