2024.2: More voice, more icons, more integrations, more... everything!

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Python 3.12 for Home Assistant Core
Admittedly there are only 10,000 of us, but it seems a little oversight not to include details on Python for Home Assistant Core (advanced install) users.
Presumably 3.11 is deprecated and we have 6 months to move?


As a user of Home Assistant Core installation you are yourself responsible for the Python installation. We don’t know how Python is installed so cannot include details for that.


Of course. But the release notes don’t make it clear when 3.11 is deprecated


I don’t want to sound like I’m ranting, however I’m not sure I’m happy with the automatic token expiration enforcement.

I appreciate all the amazing stuff that are implemented in HA but certain decisions irritate me.

For example:

  • my dad doesn’t use the app much if at all but it is needed to have the sensors update - with this, it sounds like it will soon stop working.
  • I have Home Assistant logged into some devices that I don’t use as I have 2 homes, it’s nice to have my session working when I return which currently is the case even if I’m away for a year.

I understand the security concerns, which is why I think 90 days is a good default, but should be customizable.

At least if oauth was supported, AAD would take care of the re-authentication. Unfortunately, all the requests to add oauth/SAML support which actually would be a workaround to the issue below have been ignored.

I would appreciate customizability of the expiration feature.


Ah check. It is 3 months and 2023.4 will require the new Python version.


Which Tapo devices are supported now? The Tapo range is quite wide, cameras, sockets, bulbs, vacuum cleaners, Hub with sensors and cameras, etc. Probably around 100 different devices split between regions.

Is there any plans to add cameras?

@JurajNyiri, do you have any plans to merge in?

See the documentation for a list of supported devices.


Thanks! I realised that at the end, but first I clicked on the Tapo link, which is quite empty regarding devices.

I agree. Or let us select a device and exclude it from being logged out. My wife only uses the app for notifications and location data. Never opens it.


I agree. We should have a customizable option for certain devices to stay logged in as long as we want.

Exactly my situation too.


Ditto - I have the same scenario :cry:


Lots of great stuff in this release. Testing it out now. Cheers to all involved with this one.

For more context on the answer you already have of 2023.4. It’s documented in their ADR process.

See: https://github.com/home-assistant/architecture/blob/8631a749058299f2b309226e1afd508ae5c12cc2/adr/0020-minimum-supported-python-version.md

Thanks for Python Matter server 5.5.0.

will the proximity integration also still have a proximity.home entity where you can add tracker entities of several family members?

That Google Generative AI example seems like a real privacy violation. Personally, I would advise against sending unscreened photos from any of your cameras up to a cloud LLM…


I second that. Is there a way to ‘fake’ activity and put that in an automation for selected clients? The beta testing period was only a week, otherwise I might have picked up on this :grin:


Wouldn’t the mobile app on the phone pinging home with GPS data count as “activity” to keep the session valid?

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I think a lot of people don’t have it running in the background on their phones, so it wouldn’t automatically.