2024.3: Drag 'n Drop it like it's hot! 🎉

I like the Energy individual devices detail section, but is not easy to use on mobile when you have a lot of devices

Looks OK on a large screen


got similar situation, but in the end it reverts to previous version for me. Tried upgrade 2nd time and still Core cant start and supervisor logs tell me ‘core NOT_RUNNING’ and after that time out on api/core/state.

Core log is not populating any info

Will there a be a new section card? I would like to pair the section type with auto entities.

Change logging to debug and now the upgrade went well. Dont get it. Will restart a few times with and without debug to see if that makes any difference

Section is a view type, not a card.

yes.mentioned the clutter in Beta.

devs are looking at adding a max_devices option, so we can at least bring the number down to the biggest users.

Makes me think now, the clutter could also be diminished if we could set a friendly name in the graphs legend.

Cant do that in the entity settings, because then it would be HA system wide.

just a name: option in the energy panel on the devices would help a lot.
I’ll add that to the discussion, maybe it can be considered


Just make a legend show/hidden.
A name of a device is supposed to be shown in a baloon.

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experimenting with the great new feature of sections, and liking it a lot already. For now, Ive migrated some of my existing button-cards grids into these sections, and it looks real nice.

Not sure its the best use for Sections yet, and hoping to see some of the communities most creative ideas soon.

What I would love though is to change the .title styling of the sections grids:

Anything inside the sections can be styled with the existing tools.

It would be really helpful if we could customize those according to the themes we have, and was looking for a way to use card_mod. Guess that can’t be done, given it’s not a card… unless I am completely missing the essentials walking the Dom in inspector.


When I got home and powered the server back up with a monitor attached I found it was waiting in recovery mode. I just needed to hit Crtl D or whatever it was to continue with booting and it’s been fine since… Not sure what was going on but I’m now on 2023.3 with no further issues.


I created a new dashboard based on the sections. I noticed that the “Unused entities” option doesn’t work there, entities show up all the time even if they are used somewhere.

Did you update unifi protect (Not HA), to the beta? It the beta does not work with the HA integration.

Seems to have broken my SNMP polling of MAC devices on my Mikrotik, when I went back to 2024.2.5 started working again. Anyone else seeing that?

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Very nice update!! Nice work! :+1::ok_hand::partying_face:

The name: option would be awesome as well as in all statistics graph cards !

it is available ? Statistics graph card - Home Assistant

and yes, its a fine example of what I meant for the new detailed graphs

You need to create a local user in your UDMP

Jeez, you’re right, I never could make it work so far and, don’t ask me why, now I finally noticed that you have to put an entity: before the sensor entity to have it working. Thanks !
I wonder if the doc changed in the meantime.

And yes, I think this should apply to the new detailed energy graph, as well as the option to hide the header altogether because it’s kind of heavy right now with this huge list taking over the page.

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The notify service provided by the mobile app integration always had the first format listed. You can’t change that. Maybe you setup a notification group for it?

It’s changed the b in the name of the notify service to an h, but only for the notify service, and not for any of the sensor entities.

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am i the only one struggling with implementing the new energy-devices-detail-graph in 2024.3? what am i missing?