27-31" touchscreen for visualization build in wall

Hi there,

I am looking for a touchscreen monitor to operate my Home Assistant visualization via a touchscreen build in a wall. I will operate the touchscreen with a NUC7i3BNK.

I got many insights in this topic, but as this is a new request, I am opening a new topic.

My requirements for the touchscreen are:

  • Size: Ideally 27-31", but 24" would be still ok also
  • Smooth touch operation: Tablet like
  • Antiglare to avoid reflections and fingerprints
  • Nice colors and viewing angle: So I assume I should go for an IPS panel
  • Open frame to integrate it into my wall

Recommendation in the above linked topic is manufacturer Iiyama, but unfortunately they do not offer a product matching all requirements.

I believe product most matches my needs is Philips 242B1TFL, but I have not found any feedback or product review on this.

So I apprecciated, if you folks could provide some thought on my requirements as well as which product you would recomment to purchase in my case.
Thanks a lot!

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Apperently there is no experience on this available. So I will try it out and provide feedback here.

Some further challenge on the software:
I plan to use the HA host and the dashboard (via HDMI) at the same NUC device. Unfotunately the host only displays the command line via HDMI.

Chat GPT proposes:

    title: "Dashboard"
    url: "https://localhost:443"

Unfortunately this does not change anything in displaying only the commandline via HDMI. As far as I know there is no browser I can start at the host machine. Any ideas how to proceed here?

So on the same system also the dashboard… Hm I don’t know, an Orange pi with Android image I think is better suited(If the screen should hang in landscape mode) .
You have to keep in mind how you want to automate the screen. What I mean by that you don’t want to always go and turn off the monitor with a wifi outlet or something.

I use mmwave sensor to turn the monitor on and off. You just have a lot more options with Android to do that more elegantly.

Long journey after me

Thanks! I got your idea of going for Android. And having realized this, it is quite obvious, as Android is primarily build for touchschreen devices.

I purchased the NUC due to performance reansons. Is there any point in running a Proxmox environment in order to host HassOS as well as Android for the tablet feature?

BTW: I definetively want to go for portrait mode

But you can not install android on the nuc. You need an SBC to run it with Android.
If you want to display in potrait then it doesn’t work with an orange pi 5 at the moment. the android image doesn’t allow rotating the display even though the option is there in the menu. I bought a khadas Edge2. There everything works so far.I can tell you what things I stumbled on, I tell you incredible. On some devices the simplest things do not work… And I have handled so many different devices. Never again, so I put that down in the link.
You should check out khadas Vim4 or if budget allows a khadas Edge2. Simply great parts and in no time Android is installed.

For HA a Nuc is great, have one myself. Whether you want to install Proxmox depends only on whether you want to install something else on it.

If you want to run a browser on the same system as HA you can’t use haos directly. Haos does not have an X server.

Personally I would install proxmox on the nuc, then haos in a vm, and a light desktop distro in another VM. Run a browser in the desktop distro. Connect a monitor via hdmi.

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If your NUC has enough RAM, I would approach it exactly like nickrout is saying.

Great, thanks for your replys. I will try that.

I assume “light desktop distro” could be Debian with LXQT, correct?

Without to much of understanding, I assume running every kind of Android on NUC, be it Android x86 or be it emteria.OS will result in lower performance as it is basically a Linux core, which emulates Android in a virtual machine (simply spoken).

So this could be plan B, in case I have similar problems as describes by Brot123 with my portrait dashboard hosting on linux. Do you agree?

I don’t know why you would try and run Android. HA frontend runs on a web serverbrowser. So just give it a web browser.

I am not up on distros. Sounds like the one you suggested would work.

I think there is something mixed up here…

So for the HA system either the NUC image or via proxmox.
Again, you can’t run Android on ONE NUC!!!
You need a microconputer( khadas edge, khadas vim).
Raspberry Pi there is also an Android image from Konstakang but forget that real quick, its way to slow. The suggestions here are okay but if you want to automate the dashboard then it will be more difficult with Linux. Everyone should be fair enough to mention that: How do I turn the monitor on and off? How do I change Lovelace views?— sure there is a browser mod which is guaranteed to work… But with Fully Kiosk Browser or an Android system you have much easier possibilities to automate the dashboard.

Stop barfing on about android. Totally irrelevant.

Using Linux instead of Android will give you more control anyway.

I also use Debian as my goto Linux distro (when it’s for server related stuff, use W10 on my desktop systems) but even more lightweight could be Alpine Linux

The thing is the OS you use will need to have drivers for the touchscreen that you intend to use.

Thanks for the heads upon this! I have been struggling to get more recent versions of Android to run on my Orange Pi!

I think @nickrout you didn’t understand what I was getting at. The thread actually contains 2 questions, one is how the TS can best set up his HA system, and the TS asked how he can best use a touchscreen monitor for visualization. Both questions seem to have gotten mixed up here. I meant from my side with it the visualization part and not the server part!

I think with the TS it has arrived so that you can set up Android for HA as a server, which is not true. Therefore, if it has come to confusion, sorry, I translate here in English, maybe some things do not come across correctly.

Only a little more friendly tone I would like to see to help the goal of the TS and that is the most important thing and what I don’t want is that the thread starter as it happened to me puts a bunch of money in the sand only to see that this or that doesn’t work.

@brot123 - I think nickrout understood, and has actually answered both of the questions from @Chillkroete1206 :

… namely, the HAOS in a VM under Proxmox would handle the HA server; and then the 2nd VM with whatever light desktop distro, also under Proxmox, would handle the browser display + some driver for the touchscreen input.

No need for any Android here; no need to buy any extra SBC either. NUC7 certainly can handle both VMs in one metal box just fine.

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Thank you for preserving sanity.

Porteus is a good, free, stripped down version of Linux for kiosk mode using a minimal spec Intel device.

Oops! Porteus is Intel only.

From Porteus Kiosk - free and open source kiosk software for web terminals. it seems you can use both Intel & AMD cpu’s though but not ARM.

Thats good, because this thread was asking about a NUC :slight_smile:

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