27-31" touchscreen for visualization build in wall

Hi there,

I am looking for a touchscreen monitor to operate my Home Assistant visualization via a touchscreen build in a wall. I will operate the touchscreen with a NUC7i3BNK.

I got many insights in this topic, but as this is a new request, I am opening a new topic.

My requirements for the touchscreen are:

  • Size: Ideally 27-31", but 24" would be still ok also
  • Smooth touch operation: Tablet like
  • Antiglare to avoid reflections and fingerprints
  • Nice colors and viewing angle: So I assume I should go for an IPS panel
  • Open frame to integrate it into my wall

Recommendation in the above linked topic is manufacturer Iiyama, but unfortunately they do not offer a product matching all requirements.

I believe product most matches my needs is Philips 242B1TFL, but I have not found any feedback or product review on this.

So I apprecciated, if you folks could provide some thought on my requirements as well as which product you would recomment to purchase in my case.
Thanks a lot!