3-D Printers

In another topic we have been discussing 3D printers for making a BRUH multisensor and other things of course.

I am favoring this model but would welcome feedback for other units as well.


This one is considered the “big brother” of the one I have; the MP Select Mini.

The build volume (max size of the prints you can build on it) is 200mm x 200mm x 180mm in comparison to the Mini which is 120mm x 120mm x 120mm for not a whole lot more than I paid for my mini.

This looks like another Prusa i3 type clone, so there will be lots of support and resources for it.

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For those interested, I found this video informative:


I was thinking about either buying the one you got or the one Bruh Automation got.

Are the two pretty similar? I don’t mind putting together Bruh’s unit myself but do not want to pay an extra $100 if it is just as good as yours.

I was originally looking at his as well (hoping he could help if I ran into any problems). I love to assemble things but my fear is having an issue or breakage of something and not getting support and/or replacements. I’ve had experience with Monoprice in the past and they have taken care of me.

we could do a group (if from same region)

I wouldn’t mind 1 here or there once I decide and learn.

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to Makers Muse channel (that’s the guy you just posted). He’s does a great job of explaining things and is always on top of the latest info. I watched a couple of his live streams where he was doing unboxing and setups and you always learn a lot. Plus things don’t always go as planned which is entertaining.

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It’s a nice printer, but not easy to set up - especially for a first printer. You’ll find lots of help online if there’s an issue, but you can almost guarantee that in any DIY kit you will run into issues. Having spent a good deal of time watching setup and unbox videos on YouTube (crucial research for whatever printer you start narrowing down to), even the experts run into issues that have to be addressed.

This is one of the reasons I went with the Mini select. Works out of the box and you can spend your time learning how 3D printers work so that when you do go the kit route, you at least have an idea of what SHOULD be happening.

With the MP Select shown above, you will still have to do some assembly, but it is minimal and more “Tab A into Slot B” type rather than building from scratch parts. Just something to consider.

I can’t buy one 3D printer now (not so much time), but I can buy … say … 5(10?) pieces of boxes for 50$ in total. If we get 6 people committing 50$ the guy buying the 3D printer, can have it basically for free

Something like that

I went ahead and ordered the ‘Monoprice 13860 Maker Select 3d Printer V2’ along with a spool of white PLA. Although it should arrive tomorrow, it will likely be the weekend before I can tinker with it.

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Monoprice is undergoing a big model refresh right now so you might want to keep an eye out. They have a few highly affordable assembled units coming out that would be great for small projects.

Check out the Monthly recommendation thread over at https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/ and as others noted check out Makers Muse on YouTube.

3D Printing is still mostly for tinkering and engineering, it is not push button get thing easy… Expect lots of failure and tuning.

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any idea when the model refresh will occur? I will be getting one for my birthday on June 20th. So far I am now leaning towards with Monoprice MakerSelect v2 and doing the mosfet mod.

All units should v2.1 and not necessarily need that mod anymore. It does add an extra margin of safety however.

Happy to say that my printer arrived and tested well! I hope to have time this weekend to create some of Ben’s motion sensor cases.

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Which country do you live?

Dont forgett to add octoprint:-)

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But keep in mind that if it isn’t connected and your printer turned on at all times, you error log is going to fill quickly!!

Looks great! Any unexpected issues? Since I am going to be buying the same one as you I want to get an idea how it prints. Will we be able to get passably detailed prints for fun stuff like action figures or is it only good enough for simple things like boxes?

Part of that is unique to the printer and involves setting it up properly and making sure the bed is leveled correctly (CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH) and understanding your filament.

You can get better results with a properly calibrated cheap printer than a really expensive printer that isn’t set up properly. It also helps to play around with your filament/temp settings in the beginning. Filament may be standardized for diameter (and even then it varies a bit from reel to reel and even within the same reel), but different materials (ABS, PLA, etc.) require different temps. And a PLA roll from Hatchbox vs. a PLA roll from some other brand can vary as well.

Don’t buy cheapo filament. It’s never worth the savings and could cause problems with your hot end and your extruder. Never worth it. Hatchbox and 3DSolutech make reasonably priced filament, but their quality control and consistency is well worth paying an extra buck or two.

And YouTube is a huge resource for 3D printing. Makers Muse channel is one I would highly suggest. Also
Thomas Sanladerer is great as is 3D Printing Nerd.

And if you want to see an absolutely gorgeous maker with real skills to match her beauty, you gotta check out Naomi “Sexy Cyborg” Wu. She doesn’t have a lot of videos but when you see the maker lab she made in her lliving room as well as some of the hardware she uses and projects she’s built, you’ll be impressed. And did I mention not hard to look at? I sound sexist but once you see her, you’ll understand.

Hope this is of help.

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