360 S6 vacuum robot

Does anyone uses a 360 S6 vacuum robot and connected it with HomeAssistant?

Would be a nice feature :+1:

Did you receive a positive response to your request?


no, I’m sorry

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just noticed that google home added 360 to their platform (or vice versa 360 extended and is available for google home).
Also noticed that google is using website openapi.360.cn to authenticate and cooperate with vacuumer.
Any of you guys have any experience how to take advantage of it and create plugin for 360 s6 ?


Not till now, but I am very interested in an integration of that api!

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I know this is an old thread but I didn’t find anything else about this topic. The list of Endpoint is definitly something usefull here. Do you know how to use those endpoint ? Which params have to be passed to actually comunicate with my 360 s5 ?

Thank for your answer

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Hi! I bought s7 360 and would be great to import it in HA


The iOS app has just been updated and now supports a google home or Alexa connection. Is there maybe some sort of workaround to get the vacuum into home assistant through either one of those services

would love to have the vacuum integrated into Home assistant

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Any update on an integration?

it would be great if the integration will come…

you can connect your 360 S6 to Alexa (no Alexa device needed, just the mobile app for configuration).
inside the Alexa app you can build 2 routines to start and stop the vacuum. test if it works.

then connect your home assistant to Alexa as well (Nabu Casa or the “long way”)

if this works, you should see your HA-devices inside Alexa.
Next step.
Install node Red and connect node red to Alexa as well.

now all you have to do is to create an input boolean (helper) in HA and get the state-change via node Red and start the Alexa routine via node red.

hope this helps


it seems like this would work. but since I am not using alexa or node red it seems a bit too much of work and ressources just to get a on off switch for the vaccuum.

I was hoping there would be a way of using the same API Google and alexa seem to be using

yes, it is a bit of a hassle, but you asked for a workaround :wink:

this is the definition of a workaround :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Even this though - would be limited to an “on” or “off” selection, correct? No ability to add rooms/areas/etc

But thats what the App is for, imo.
Just add all necessary rooms and thats it.

This is actually not a workaround. Plus you don’t need to install Node Rod. You can simply create a script or a boolean to with the help of call service function you start or stop vacuum cleaner.

Could you show an example script or how to create the boolean how to create this? I’m still fairly new to HA and i’d love to have this integrated as well. 360’s are such good robots.

Currently i’m thinking:
create scene in HA (so we can use apple watch)
have automation call routine/skill
have automation trigger on scene event and other trigger (presence, x days not run etc)
set value for device running (this is the input boolean?)

This card says that is compatible whit 360 S7 Pro…
How do to they do that ?

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Hey guys,

did someone make it work?

I still cant figure out how to integrade my S5 with HA.