3D home navigation & control (Unity + Home Assistant)


Created a fully navigatable 3D model of my Home to control my devices.
This ‘3D floorplan’ is accessible from within Home Assistant and works on mobile devices as well.
Device states (e.g. lights) are updated real-time and can be controlled from every camera angle.





:clap: really impressive

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WOW! That is amazing!

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I ported the HADotNet library for Unity to communicate with the Home Assistant API.
Source can be found here: HA.Unity.

That is a very impressive piece of work. Well done sir!

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Does anyone now if I can prevent the reloading of a tab when switching between them?

I would like to keep the app running. The unity player is already configured to keep running in the background, but the iframe containing the player is reloaded when returning to the page. Something like a CSS display:none or attach it to the HTML body with a large negative margin, or…

Is this possible?

I only wish I had 2% of your free time (and coding skills :joy:) …

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I literally went “squeee!” like a school girl when I had seen this. This is awesome! Great work @harriedegroot, I will have to give this a try sometime.

This is a multi-month project, spend a few hours a week. Learned a lot!

Therefore I would like to share my experience, so you can do it in a few weeks :wink:


That’s awesome work. I attempted something similar but my 3D modelling skills are lacking.
All my communication goes over mqtt

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Easy way to bump the graphics a bit:

  1. apply some materials and play with the smoothes & metallic values for some reflections.
  2. add a static directional light or some area lights (the windows)
  3. try marking all your non moving objects ‘static’ and bake the lighting using the universal render pipeline
  4. Use only dynamic lights for the ‘controllable’ ones

I switch the LightMaps to get the day/night functionallity.

Good graphics is all about lighting. I learned a lot from this tutorial: https://youtu.be/U3bN14B7nmE


Ow…and MQTT is also a great protocol for this!

I’m kind of familiar with it: MQTT Hub :blush:

Thanks for the tips! I need to resurrect my project again

I am amazed. Deep deep respect!


Added a small description and some demo scripts for the usage of the HA.Unity library in a Unity project.

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I created an account so I could congratulate you on this project :slight_smile:

Now I guess you can use your phones mpu to approximate your movements within the apartment, and gestures to manipulate what is in your vicinity

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Wow wow wow !!! its awesome
You need create some tutorial how build from zero and intergration this project (((:slight_smile:


Can this be done with sweet home, or only Sketchup?

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I don’t know sweet home 3D. Probably you can export your model to a recognized format(e.g. .dae; collada) and import it into Unity.

Will give that a try, I have spent most of my time designing in sweet home, so dont want to have to start from scratch