Community Highlights: 4th edition

For the 4th edition, I thought it fitted to devote the community highlights to 3D!

That is actually a lie, the 3rd edition would have been much more fitting, but was hijacked by Paulus ;) At least it’s my 3rd community highlight writeup, so that counts, right?

Ready for some highly inspiring and mind-blowing 3D creations?

3D home navigation and control, using Unity

Are you sure you ready? Because Harrie de Groot created a fully navigatable 3D model of his home using Unity, accessible from within Home Assistant.

You really need to watch the video below now…

Well done, Harrie! That looks slick!

More details on his creation can be found on the Home Assistant Community Forum.

3D printed interactive floorplan

If you have been around a bit, you might have come across a screenshot of someone with an interactive floorplan in Home Assistant. Ryan Connolly took that idea straight into the real world by 3D printing his floorplan, wired it, and hooked it up Home Assistant.

Talking about taking things into another dimension…

A janky video of my 3d printed @home_assistant floorplan running @NervesProject on a @Raspberry_Pi

— Ryan Connolly (@rynam0) February 26, 2020

Getting started with your own 3D floorplan

Ok, so the above two, rather impressive, listings might be a bit out of reach for the most of us. Still, with some help, you could still achieve some pretty nice looking 3D floorplans. Aaron Godfrey wrote a couple of excellent blog posts on this.

In his first blog post, Aaron shows you what his floorplan looks like

He followed up with two blog posting on how to achieve this:

Bonus tip: HomeByMe

I’ve personally got recommended a tool for creating a 3D floorplan with a tool that is generally lesser-known, but actually pretty awesome! HomeByMe


This is a result of a 3D floorplan created with HomeByMe.

It works fully in the browser and I enjoyed the experience using that. So credits where credits due: Thanks for recommending me this sweet little gem Andrea Donno!

Got a tip for the next edition?

Have you seen (or made) something awesome, interesting, unique, amazing, inspirational, unusual or funny, using Home Assistant?

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See you next edition!

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Thanks for the kind words!


Really loving these highlights!!

Thanks to this i’m getting a lot of new ideas for my own HA installation. :smiley:

Thanks for including my 3d printed “voodoo dollhouse”.
It’s really cool seeing these other amazing things I otherwise missed. Keep it up! :grin:


I finally went trough doing my floorplan.
Some time ago I started with SketchUp but my progress was really slow and exhausting.
So I tried out the tip with HomeByMe. Creating the rooms is really nice. Adding furniture is ok but it misses a lot of furniture and only some generic ones can be changed in color and size. No Ikea furniture unfortunately.
What really is unsatisfying with this tools how limited you are when you’re finished. You can only take a screenshot from the editor, e.g. only a 2d or 3d rendering without lights on or something. There is a high quality render mode (limited to only 3 uses), but that is only for 1 room FPV. The internal screenshot mode gives low res images. Also there is no export function, so I am really stuck with it now.

I did some cheap editing in photoshop for the lights, added vacuum cleaner spots and movie mode and came up with this so far:

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Ha! Try living in a country where Ikea don’t even have a shop LOL.

I don’t even shop there, it just turns out a lot of my second hand stuff I got is actually from there :slight_smile: