4 channel BLE relay module

BT is definitely not my cup of tea and on occasion its left me frustrated and defeated but, i keep finding myself wanting to better understand it and use it. I feel like it has value in a smart home and for so much more than putting those silly BT temperature displays all over my house like so many people are obsessed with doing.

My past BT adventures that dont involve any of the 20 temp/humidity displays hasnt gone well.

Before i bought these i thought id see what info was available. Has anyone else successfully used these? Does anyone for sure know if they can or cannot be used with esphome? Any information that would be useful setting them up or using them? Surprise surprise, there seems to be little to no information found on them, so here i am asking the masses.

Are you sure it’s not regular bluetooth rather than BLE?

As far as I know ESPs and ESPHOME only support BLE.

Yes, it is reg BT. It wont work atleast not with esphome. Im wondering if i cant use HA BT integration instead though. Theres so little freaking information available. There are BLE boards that support GATT and will work with esp boards but no relay modules with compatible BLE so idk. Maybe BT isnt the best option.

The whole goal was to reduce esp boards on the network, im pushing 60 and many are 1 relay or a couple relays.

RF was another thought. Id only need one esp board acting as the transmitter for several relays since the receiver part doesnt need a microcontroller.

I use a fair bit of RF. Typically communication is only one way though so states are assumed/optimistic.

Maybe theres some zigbee solutions?

BT development seems like another whole world.

It is another whole world and its quite complicated actualy. I dont use any zigbee stuff and i dont want to buy an 80$ coordinator just to mess around plus i already have RF transmitters and receivers, i just gotta figure out how to make the circuit on the receiver end.

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I have a few of these kinds of devices. This one is for motor controllers but you can get them for relays etc too.

But sounds like you might already have some suitable hardware.

Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out! AU$6.33 | wireless remote control switch 433mhz rf transmitter receiver 3.7v 4.5v 9v 12v motor Forward Reverse steering Controller module

I havnt seen those. You can do the same thing 2 relays too. Now if it allowed you to +/- the motor speed, that would be very cool. What do you use such small motors for? I have several 12 and 24v motors ive pulled out of garage door openers as well as smaller steppers & servos but i cant think of anything to do with them.

Was for a bit of an oddball project.