4 gang standard switches to one smart touch switch

I an convering 4 gang standard switches to one smart touch switch. How do I fill up the extra space?


Switch plate blanks. They’re not common but are available.

Sure, but the additional boxes would have to be removed first.

Yes I was being a bit facetious really.

The whole question is a bit loaded, we don’t know what sort of system he has, and they vary so much country to country.

I have up to five light switches in one box - -that is known as a five gang switch, although it takes the same room as a 1 gang switch,

There are these for costlier smart switches

Amazon seem to have a few examples https://www.amazon.com/Wall-Plates-Blank-Electrical-Accessories/s?keywords=Blank+Wall+Plates

Or perhaps use your existing plate with these https://www.amazon.com/ENERLITES-Unbreakable-Polycarbonate-Thermoplastic-6001-W-10PCS/dp/B075M518YN/

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