433 RF Rolling Codes / EZ Wand

Does anyone know of a device that can send RF with rolling codes? I’ve tried Harmony and broadlink pro.

It’s for ezwand.

Ouch I was going to buy these years ago thinking they’d be easy 433 MHz hackery.
Just heard a podcast today that said Bond has experience with rolling codes for Somfy.
Could be worth a shot.

Not sure what this means “Bond has experience with rolling codes for Somfy.”… James Bond?

Interesting never seen that. I couldn’t find anywhere saying it supports rolling codes though. You know it does?

The creator said on a podcast it specifically supports Somfy’s rolling codes. He also said that users get lots of devices that aren’t officially supported to be recognized. If I were in your shoes I’d buy it to try it. If not return it. It’s on Amazon… so it’s always an option.

Also it could require cloud. Haven’t looked into it enough, but that’s a deal breaker for most things in my house.

Cool. I’ll give her a shot. Thanks for the help!

Good luck.
I’m tempted to try it for my one fan but it costs more than replacing the module.
The question is if it’s worth my time and sweat to replace the module.
I also want to know about that EZ Wand lol.
They’re costly for what they are though.

No good cheap blind tilting solution.
I’m working on my own.

There surprisgly great. I bought 1 to test and gonna order 5 more. There on sale now 1 for 59 or 3 for 159

Yea I guess that’s cheaper than the iBlinds I’m looking at if my DIY efforts are exhausted.
My concerns where:
A) I hate batteries.
B) How well can a self spinning wand work. (Well according to you, good to hear.)
C) The 433mhz was a big mystery if it would work with a learning device.

I’m really interested in how this works out for you.
EDIT: Duh the link I linked you says it’s local :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’m one of those people now…

I see there’s a solar option now. How does that work!?

So I’m surprised, they work perfectly.

I emailed Bond and they wrote right back. There working on it but it’s not working currently.

My plan now then is to use some relay and simulate button presses that way. I’ve never done anything like that but plenty of guides around I should be able to get it.

Also I can get em pro to learn the buttons. It just won’t control it I guess cause if the rolling codes

Oh there was a guide a long time ago I saw of soldering wires to remotes. Worth searching for. Someone at SmartThings did it with their arduino shield I think.

I’m thinking about picking up the EZwand myself. Just so I’m certain, it seems the consensus is that the EZ wand uses rolling codes and can’t be easily picked up by an RM Pro? (I have an RM Pro).

I’m curious about the physical remote hacking method but my physical hacking skills are slim to none.