433toMQTTto433 Gateway Device List

wouldnt make sense to send 2 codes per button.
if it doesnt arrive at the reciever then the switch and reciever would be out of sink.

so it sends 1 code and the reciever goes on when its off and off when its on.

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Nop, it’s a simple push button, it send 1 code per button and the toggle is handle in HA.
I find it better this way, it won’t be disturb by interaction from other remote or change in HA web UI.
I use an automation to toggle light/switch/etc… when the button is pressed. For example:

  - alias: Switch light 2
    initial_state: True
    hide_entity: False
      platform: mqtt
      topic: home/433toMQTT
      payload: 13210193
      service: switch.toggle
      entity_id: switch.switch1

these type of cheap 433 sensor, how many seconds passes betweer two triggers?

very nice design!
Same question for these: you know which is the minimum time between two triiger events?

I think there are around 10 seconds gap between each triggers.

The Cotech Smart Home Door Sensors are picked up, having some head scratching around the data being spit out of it, but its picking it up without issue.

Dumb question from a newbie. When you only have one code. How do you confirm it’s in the correct state? Such as if power to the PI goes out?

This is what I have installed in my chicken coop and it works great with HA:

INSMA DC 12V 4CH Channel 433Mhz Wireless Remote Control Switch With 2 Transimitter RF Relay Toggle Switch (Updated Package) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CCSG2ZY/

I use this one code to toggle the state, so it depend on the state of the controlled device.

Most of my lamp/device are mqtt device and they communicate their state to hass, so even after restarting, hass can now if they are on or off.

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They are sending a signal every 5s

thanks, I got one, mine is 6 seconds, should be ok for light toggle

Got this one in the mail today and it does work. I get open close and tamper code from it. Putting on my mailbox to know when mail has run.



Thank you for sharing.

I have tested this and confirm working.

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Thanks you for sharing.
This in relation to the others you have, which ones are better?

I live in a 3 story building. And I use my bell on the door of the building down there.
with this

The signal arrives here and passes through the door of my house inside the stairs.
I am very satisfied.

how did you connect it to the door bell?

Claudio i connected door bell 433mhz throught of sinal rf.

Anyone have any experience with 433mhz temperature sensors? I ordered a 433mhz floating pool temperature sensor from eBay just waiting for it to arrive, however I have no clue whether ill be able to get HA to decipher the code received and convert it into a value. Any info would be appreciated.

Here’s the link to the item:


I’ve seen a lot of people having a hard time to decode the data transmitted by RF weather station. Might be easier if the device just send the temperature (and not combined humidity or other info).

Only problem that my action switches only works with remoteswitch library and not RCSwitch. Hope one day there will be remoteswitch support :stuck_out_tongue: