4G/5G LTE lyligo a7670E

Hello, I’m here to ask you for help with my project.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the internet over the last few months, but I haven’t found any solutions to my problem.
Specifically, my project is to create an autonomous agricultural weather station.
I’ve set up my HA server at home. I have a lyligo A7670E card (https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/1005003036514769.html?spm=a2g0o.order_list.order_list_main.5.49ce5e5b8dSqEs&gatewayAdapt=glo2fra)
I’ve already managed to configure the power supply and sensor management.
Where I’m stuck in my project is the LTE connection part. I’ve seen many projects with the SIM 800L module. But I’m not sure these projects can be adapted to mine.

I’d like my HA server to be able to retrieve data from my sensors (the weather station will be located about 5km from my server).
Of course, I’d have to install a SIM card in my ESP32.
However, I don’t know how to configure my ESP32’s connection to the 4G network.
The final goal would be for my sensor data to be sent to my HA server every X minutes, or for my HA server to fetch my sensor data via a webhook?

If any of you could provide me with some knowledge on this subject, I’d be delighted, as I’m fairly new to the world of HA.

Thank you for reading.

Using esphome, the sim800l component:

The SIM800L Component provides the ability to dial, answer calls, send/receive SMS text messages and send/receive USSD codes

So no network connection. You might be able to send sms messages with your data.

Lowra or lowralan are commonly used for this sort of thing (not in esphome though)

do you think can I make my project worked with sms messages?

Depends how much data you are sending.

you can connect your sensors to wifi 4g modem and send data to HA server using Mqtt.

Yes, that’s a solution I was considering. However, as my esp32 is equipped with a 4G/LTE SIM module (my card is an A7670 from liligo), I would like to give priority to this feature. But I don’t know where to start to code its connection to the 4G internet network.

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You can find some examples here.

Hi, yes I already check this github, but there are only arduino code, I wanted to do my project with home assistant and esphome.
Idk, if it’s possible to convert arduino code to yaml? I’m pretty new in this world of IoT

You will need to create a custom component:


Or possibly even a custom UART component. There are examples around if you google them.

Have you tried this?

Hello buddies, thanks for this topic, I will read that asap.
Today my main obstacle is that I can’t get my ESP32 4G to connect to my HA server.

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How does that help to create a tcp/ip network with a sim800L device on esphome?

I have one of these based on sim800l, but now they seem to only sell sim800h or the a7670. Does the sim800h work with the ESPHome sim800l component?