7" Raspberry PI touch screen

Is there any way to get my 7" touch screen to work under hassio?

Nope. You can only see hassio dashboard using other network devices so attaching a touch screen to your rip running hassio won’t show anything.

There is a way if you or someone will create docker container for it or will adapt the existing. I have asked for it in the “wish list” topic, but it’s probably not a popular device. I also have pi foundation 7 inch touch display and I am using RPi all in one installer on top of FullpageOS distro. This may work for you

¿doesn’t it seems a little insecure to expose the brain of your home automation system to be used that way? Just an opinion. In my case I have it really really hidden :wink:

That is useful if you want to control in not only from a smartphone

the same problem i’ve met

maybe we can run hass on Benja, and set the electron url to local:8123

I’m trying on it

let us know how it turns out

I’ve tried installing hassio on a Benja RPI, here’s the result

both Benja electron and hassio worked well
7" screen shows the Benja electron page on port 8080
hassio dashboard can be seen on other network devices


the hassio dashboard page seems not compatible with Benja.
after reboot RPI, it showed me the login page, with black background(maybe black is the benja default bgcolor)
then I tap the LOGIN button, the screen turned empty black, without elements to interact

then I write a demo page to blink the light via websocket API, and succeed.

var socket = new WebSocket("ws://localhost:8123/api/websocket");
socket.addEventListener("open", function(evt){
    socket.addEventListener("message", function(o){
    }, false);
}, false);
var id = 10;
        id: id++,
        type: "call_service",
        domain: "light",
        service: "toggle",
        service_data: {
            entity_id: "light.gateway_light_34ce0088eb16"
}, 5000);
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