8 Station Sprinkler Controller (NodeMCU Lua) under $60

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8 Station Sprinkler Controller (NodeMCU Lua) under $60

Base Parts List

Total - $55.79 per controller (before shipping/tax)

Optional Parts List

Note: Prices can be significantly lower on banggood (if you want to wait a few months), and you may find dedicated stepdown electronics for cheaper than the above DC converters.


After struggling with an inferior ESP8266/relay combo LinkNode R8 build, I decided to buy separate, dedicated relay and ESP8266 modules.

Unlike the LinkNode R8 build, these controllers have been completely solid - no resets, freezing or wifi issues since installing over a month ago.

Programming / HA Integration

My work-in-progress Home Assistant control:


Nice! I have a similar switchboard (with direct Ethernet) in operation with a custom scheduler for >24month now.

As things happen I have a two level control mechanismn:

  • 8 station sprinkler with scheduling based on temperature + rainfall
  • time scheduled ‘main valve’ that will in front of all 8 valves

In case a script goes notes the second circuit (triggered by a different protocol from a different machine) ensure that watering is only running between 9pm and 11pm.

Ah - and a cheap “hall sensor” flow meter will log the amount of water per circuit.