868 MHz controllers?

I’d like to manage this hood RF remote into HA.
It runs on 868 Mhz.
I have a spare Raspberry Pi 3 because I moved my hassio on a NUC.

any suggestions?


I think I found something: this Adafruit Feather M0 RFM69HCW.

There’s a 433 and 900MHz version.
The 900MHz version can also be programmed to run 868MHz.
Note: the 900MHz version has a green dot, the 434MHz one has a red dot.

It can run Arduino IDE and even CircuitPython.
I think I’m going to order this today.

Let me know if anyone has advise or done something similar.
I’m a newbie so any advise is welcome.

If I get it working, I’ll share it here.

Here too :frowning: To sad there is no OOTB solution for 868MHz signals. I have a pool led here that desperately needs to be integrated into HA (my wife’s wish), and I have no plan how to do it.

I got 868Mhz working with this:


Thank man, very appreciated.

Any tips or something else on this?
Did you face any particular issues?

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I’m the author of the Repo. It should be complete. Try it out and let me know if it works for you.

Would it be possible with this repo to issue a sequence of commands on different frequencies? E.g command 1 on 868 MHz, then afterwards command 2 on 433 MHz

Sure. Make two different recordings and play them after each other. I’m not a radio expert: I thought the antenna length should be different for different frequencies. But my tests showed that for replay, the longer I make the antenna, the further the signal would reach.

This does not work for encoded stuff, right? E.g. Rolling codes?

Correct. It only replays exactly what was recorded. Rolling codes, challenge response stuff, basically anything where the communication needs any type of altering won’t work.

This looks great. But it seems i have to install ha on top of raspberry pi os… ? does that mean it will not work on hassos? And does it need to be a rpi 4 to work or will a 3 work to?

Would be awesome if this could be integrated in some HACS package…

My HASSIO runs on a NUC. rpitx needs Raspberry PI hardware. That’s why I started with a two machine setup. rpi3 has more support than rpi4 – see Hardware. I’m using a rpi3. I’m not sure if PI radio would run on HASSOS. Both are linux based, so probably it should. But I’m not technical enough to create a HACS package.
I’d love to hear if anyone can pull this off.

just what i need.
before i buy the unit, it should work with this, right?

my main worry is that the controller has rolling codes i think?

remote for my home gate

This won’t work. Doors use rolling codes. GitHub - defcon24bit/record-and-replay-RF-remote: record & replay RF signal with Raspberry Pi & RTL-SDR dongle (optional) integrate with Home Assistant, Alexa and Google Home only works if radio signal stays the same.

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Thanks for the reply

For what is worth, I have soldered a few reed relays to the push button contacts of a 433 MHz remote control. And connected the relays to Arduino UNO output pins.

Arduino runs Firmata image and is connected through USB to the Intel NUC that runs Home Assistant.

Has been working flawlessly since about a year.

And the total cost is pretty low. Approx.:

  • 10€ for Arduino UNO
  • 10€ for a 4 channel remote control
  • 5€ for a PCB and 4 reed relays

You can lower costs even more if you really try.

OpenMQTTGateway supports CC1101 (you can retrieve or command throught MQTT from HA), after the difficulty is to catch the adequate protocol, knowing that there is less support for 868mhz ones against 433mhz.
But if I had to do it, I would just try with RF or Pilight (gateways available with OpenMQTTGateway)

Hi @helgemor looks like RFP1000 is the only solution so far ? Or have you come across any other solution ?

i am trying to control the window shutters at home that are RF & working on 868mhz. please let me know if you have found any alternative or can you direct me to show to use RFP1000 to automatize the shutters ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @progbite,
your repo looks great and therefore, I tried it out. Unfortunately, the GPIO pin #7 of my RPi3 is occupied by a RaZberry daughter card (main purpose of this RPI being used as Z-wave gateway). Therefore, I have two questions:

  1. Would it be possible to reconfigure another GPIO pin (between pin 11 and 40) to be used for the RF 868MHz antenna?
  2. If option one is not possible: would it be possible to use the radio receiver USB dongle (RTL-SDR with RTL2832U chipset) instead for also sending/replaying the 868MHz signals previously recoreded from a remote?

Would be great to get one of these options to work…

Hi @Thomsen

I’d buy a sperate raspberry pi because the radio signal transmitting range is short.

I don’t know if the pins can be reconfigured. I didn’t write the Pi radio code. Maybe check with them:

The USB dongle can only receive. It can’t transmit.