A/C TCL with Intelligent AC App integration


I recently got a TCL airconditioning that has a wifi module, which is great! Of course it does require me to use some sort of application called Intelligent AC. I think it’s a replacement of TFIAC, logo seems similar, developer is the same. But I am unable to connect my ac to home assistant. Has anyone been able to make it work with home assistant?

I tried to find information about it, but all I know is that it’s some kind of broadlink setup.


This does not help, because unfortunately it’s only for alexa or home tools. I want to integrate directly into HA.

Update: Managed to find out if i block the internet connection for the device on my router, it will revert to local through the app. Still uncertain as to how to research further. Not asking for a default solution, but a way of thinking would suffice.

Did you manage to fix this, as Im in the same boat. TCL A/C with Intelligent AC.
Got it connected to Google Home, but want to automate it with temp settings through HA.


Nope, never managed it unfortunately.

Too bad;
Also really seemed Mr. sotiris-bos over here in this topic was on the way to an solution, but alas, it does look like that also came to a halt.

I tried sending those hex streams to my A/C via a cli but it didn’t work. But I blame that on my lack of knowledge, because I think Im not supposed to send those hex streams in plain data.
But my expertise stops right there.

Hi, sorry for the inactivity. It seems like the hex strings are device or account specific? I think I tried it with the same hex strings after a few days and it did not work. Possibly like some sort of rolling code or the authentication changing, not really sure.

For anyone that wants to look into this, try capturing packets on your router while you toggle the ac on/off remotely (through 4G/5G) from the app.

I will try to take a look at this again at some point but I am currently away from my AC.

Alright, thanks for the heads-up.