A library for cards and UI blocks needed

There is a screenshot of one of my tablet dashboards:

I have multiple dashboards in different rooms and use the same blocks of cards on different dashboards and tabs.
When i add some improvement to a card i have to make the changes multiple times which is really annoying.
The only way to use includes would be yaml mode - but then i would lose the frontend editing mode completely which is no option for me because the ui mode is really great.

What is missing in ui mode is a place where you can create a block of ui elements and then place this “library block”. With in this Library you can create blocks of customized cards that can be used placed as reference on different locations in your UI or on different Dashboards as well.
Here is a mockup how this could look like:

Do you like this idea, too?

Make this a feature request. :grin:

Thanx now it is a feature request :smile:

Hey @fuslwusl - as an inbetween measure, you could make the changes to the first block and then copy it over to the other dashboards?

Unrelated: what are you using to create the car and weather blocks? Any chance you want to share the config?

Dashboards, share you own design!.
Share your Tablet/Desktop Dashboards.
And then searching the community here with “dashboard share” gives you quite the list.