A little theming help needed

Im not sure if this is the proper place to post…
But im looking for a hand concerning outset in theming…
In card_mod you could use:

  style: |
    ha-card {      
    border: 2.5px outset lime !important;  

I did try to get this working strait on the theme.yaml
Without the card_mod…
The borders etc works fine
But somehow the outset i can’t figure out to work…
Like it would show on cards with help of the card_mod
Anyone has an idea if this ever will work?
Thank You…

If I understand your question correctly, you want to apply card_mod within the theme with the parameters applied to each card?

If so, some tips are:

  1. The theme MUST define a variable card-mod-theme which MUST have the same value as the name of the theme.:
  card-mod-theme: my-awesome-theme

  ... other theme variables go here ...
  1. Place the card mod variables at the bottom of the theme document, with 2 indentations, so it becomes a child of your theme name.
  2. Apply the card theming variables to the: card-mod-card section.

See for more info on the above details the Wiki that Thomas made for card-mod:

I hope that helps!

hi Heijit771…
thank for your reply…
ya got it almost right tho!
and your tip is useful aswell! (kuddo’s for that!)
but i was trying to avoid the card_mod
i only posted that code cause on card_mod it works fine…
what im trying to do is add it in theme.yaml itself…
without the card_mod…if possible
i wanted only to get the outset part working…

Not sure I will be able to help with that. Sorry…
But out of curiosity, why not just use the card-mod inside the theme.yaml?

It works fine if you use the following in your theme…

  card-mod-card: |
    ha-card {
        border: 2.5px outset lime !important;

Please check out the following guide and reference Themes

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Thank You to LiQuid_cOOled !
it looks like it’s the only way to get that outset
keep on rocking !
( can’t give 2 solutions tho! lol )

No Wurry’s Heijit771!
appreciated ur help too!