A new button has appeared?

I think the “Visit” button showed up after the upgrade to 2024.6.4? But why on some devices and not others?
… and what needs to be in the yaml to “Visit”?
This is what I see if I click “Visit”:

Regards, Martin

You have “Visit” if you enable the web server in your YAML, afaik

That you cannot reach the web server through the mDNS hostname is another problem.
Can you reach it by IP?

Not knowingly. However, the code is remote (to me) and maintained by the manufacture/suppier of the ESPHome switch.
I’ll need to contact them.
Many thanks, M.

Nope, visit button is here for a loooong time, it’s just that, as Chris said, it’s shown only when you have web_server enabled.
Your error means an error in mdns address, so something is wrong in that direction (if you enter device’s IP directly into browser you’ll enter it’s web page). Since i don’t use mdns i cankt help you here…
EDIT: i missed that this address is remote to you, so here’s the problem.

If you don’t use it just remove “web_server” from your yaml.

.local is default domain
Add “domain” to WiFi or ethernet to set a different domain

Esphome device name Is used for hostname

name_add_mac_suffix adds end of MAC address to hostname. If this is used you must add use_address since software updates don’t add the Mac portion to hostname

In your ESPHome code should be an address from where this script is pulled. Post this link here or the complete code of your ESPHome YAML file for that device, so we can see where the code comes from, and what it does! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your help & advice. Yep it’s the “domain” what did it!

  name: localbytes-8c9e29
  friendly_name: Localbytes PM (Fridge/Freezer)
  #localbytes.plug-pm: github://LocalBytes/esphome-localbytes-plug/localbytes-plug-pm.yaml@main
    url: https://github.com/MichaelMKKelly/localbytes-plug-pm
    ref: main
    file: localbytes-plug-pm.yaml
  level: debug
  name: ${name}
  name_add_mac_suffix: false
  friendly_name: ${friendly_name}
    key: ========================
  ssid: !secret wifi_ssid
  password: !secret wifi_password
  domain: ".peritonlane"

Regards, M.

There we go! :slight_smile:

You can find the web server component in the script the link is pointing to. :slight_smile:

Upfront, there is nothing wrong with that script, you can always use it “as-is”! :slight_smile:

What I’d do is this:

  • copy the content from that file linked
  • change your already there YAML file, so it doesn’t load from the url anymore
  • paste in the content of the linked file
  • check if everything is alright
  • delete what you don’t want, eg. the web_server
  • compile and install on the device

In an essence, you copy the linked file and merge it with your already there configuration into one file. The only disadvantage would be, that from now on, you’d have to take care about updates => you need to check for yourself periodocally, if that linked files content has changed. :slight_smile:

Just watch out if you have esp8266…in esphome’s manual says that web server component takes a lot of memory and can cause stability problems. So, if you’ll have some this is first thing to disable.

Dho… :angry:
It was going so well. And now, I’ve gone and bricked it!!

If you tell us, what you did (the more exact, the better), we might be able to help… :wink:

Oh, thank you very much. That would be very helpful indeed.
Rather than add that conversation to this thread, I have taken to opportunity to create another posting over here:
How do I unbrick my Switch?
Any suggestions will be most welcome.
Regards, M.