A raspberry pi turned into a Google Home, and it works!


Now checking how to control HASS from a pi3 converted in a Google Home, very cool.


Does it detect emulated_hue devices if you don’t have the real Google Home?

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the pi3 IS the “google home”.

You have to add a speaker and a mic to the pi3, you ask questions and receive the answers (Google Assistant). Not sure yet the smart home part. Still investigating

it cna do actions

Nice, I was planning to try this during the weekend when I was reading about it on arstechnica (link below). Keep us posted, I will share my experience as well.

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it works fine. YOu tell something and the pi3 (connecting to google servers) answers like a Google Home.

p.s. I just have a problem with my usb speaker, but unrelated to the program

A guy in a forum says he connected to the Hue … but I am not sure about that he did not give any details.

In case it does, with emulated_hue, would already work with hass.

Pretty sweet, I would get a 50$ Google Home (a pi plus speaker/mic) in every room

It looks very interesting, thanks for sharing.
Have installed a Google Home on the same RPi3 as your HASS? Will they work in separate virtual environments?

I have 2 pi3 and installed in two different. Don’t know if they can be installed in the same

it works, it works, perfectly!!!

I can control all my emulated_hue entities from my pi3 with my voice, and it works flawlessy


Thinks that do not work (or at least I did not find out)

  • wake word
  • volume set (you set it but does not affect the speaker)

just ordered a usb mic & speakers… I will definitely try this out.

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I attached a Jabra 510, it is better then an original Google Home!!

for the wake word, google say it will be implemented soon, but you could use this now


Is that an old PS3 camera/mic/speaker in that picture? That would be a cool alternative.

plenty of alternatives around

sort of roadmap


Killing me claudio, I have a RPi 3 I JUST freed up and a Jabra speaker I dont use, but Im trrrrying to get through my CURRENT list of things :slight_smile:


Lol, adding it to my ‘waiting on parts’ to-do list of homemade sensors, homemade Google, magic mirror…

I have a Google home AND a pi3+jabra. Well the latter is better!
Just waiting now for some guy helping in coding a trigger for starting the listening (I think is very easy, but my coding skill are zero), and/or Google with the wake word. Which can be customised… Very cool

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BTW I think the program uses very little resources, so I think we could use same pi3 as hass