A refreshed logo for Home Assistant!

Do you have any alternative suggestions you could illustrate or describe, or do you just prefer the old one?

Do you have some examples of icons you do like? Or can you articulate what good looks like for you?

I have absolutely no problem with the new logo, but I also had no problem at all with the old logo. I do however wonder about the direction of the project over the last little while. It seems that major bugs get completely ignored, and meanwhile resources are put into things like tweaking the logo. And lots of other change for the sake of change items. This really makes me worry for the project as a whole. Ever since home assistant started hiring people, I think it has lost a lot of the community guidance, and a lot of the focus. It has become much more corporate, and I mean that in every possible bad sense of the word.


I like the color and typeface but do miss the gable and chimney.


Yeah, the same resources are responsible for code and logo work. :roll_eyes:


Do you have an iPhone?


Looks good!:+1:

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Android but thanks. Nice that the option is there for some.

Edit: and with Android I can change the app icon via my launcher. Personally I’d rather have consistency though so while sure, I prefer the old, I can get used to the new easily enough :slight_smile:


ngl i kinda hate the new logo, i had no problems with either of the old logos. If we really need a more simple logo, i dont mind the old simplified one. I understand the need for a new logo, but i hope theres a way to continue using the old one in the web interface.


Why is it, that every logo needs to be tinkered with, sooner or later? To me, these overly simplified logos are like they are designed for kids. What was wrong with the old logo? It was very distinctive, the blue color was spot on and it was immediately recognizable. Now i need to manually switch the logo and I‘d guess that the new blue will be shown as the standard color. Meh, not my cup of tea.

I read the goobeldigoop that was written to describe the „design“, not a single coherent description on why this was so „necessary“ to change. But this seems to be a thing of today‘s world: if it ain‘t broken, mess with it anyways. Like the flat logos of Audi and VW, the change of Intel‘s logo or Microsoft. All these logos had a very distinctive shape, now they are just boring. Same with the HA logo…the three branches of the antenna are nothing short of boring, they look unfinished to me. And the house without any brim or chimney looks like a toyhouse. Same applies to the color. Yes, this is about taste as well, so no, this is not my taste and I still find it completely unnecessary and still ugly.

Just my two, disappointed, cents



Don’t put so much energy into this. There’s a big chance you don’t like the new logo because it’s just that: new. As with every logo change or rebranding I have worked with, there are strong opinions at first, and then people kind of forget about it. This will be the same. There are some issues with this new logo, yes. But the old ones were far from perfect as well. As with everything, its work in progress.


In terms of money: yes


Interesting enough, this is always the same argument: You will get used to it. Yes, I sure will, this is how the brain works. Still does not invalidate any of my points here. I got used to all the other boring logos and other changes out there, but that never made them more viable for me.
I never said the old logo was perfect, but it was viable for me and it was very well recognizable, especially on the phone. It was quite distinctive and regarding the color, I personally found the blue tone just spot on. So yes, we all will adapt. But no, I’m not gonna to like it and this thread is about feedback I guess? So that is mine :wink:

Have a great day


Well, when they were deciding who to hire, would you prefer that they hired a coder? Or a logo designer?
I know I’d rather that they worked on the code.


I hope you’ll do a new tshirt with the logo on black but without the wording?
Wouldn’t want anyone thinking I’m volunteering to tidy their home! :joy:


From the first moment the new logo do not recall a house. Its asymmetric tree, having no enough space around, makes the house looking “unstable”, leaning alike.
This hits eyes from very first moment and it’s the major flaw of this new creation.

New font is as OK as previous one. The color change is too small to be noticeable. It needs A/B comp to be seen.

Recently I can see a lot of brands refreshing their logotypes. Not sure why, but I understand 50+ years old ones might require that.

In our case it seems like the change for a change itself. Even reasoning is weak. The motivation for 3-node antenna almost killed me. I believe it wouldn’t be hard to make up arguments for different number of nodes.

TBH I would like to read about real motivation for this change. To learn about initial needs, instead of post-factum reasoning.


Think of it like an investment for hiring new coders.
Design is VERY important for any app that wants to have mass appeal. You and I are fine with YAML, JSON, maybe JS or even Python. But 99% of the are not. Not even with YAML.

For HA to be an application that can provide the customization we are used to with an ever expanding feature set it needs more (dedicated) resources and those resources need to be paid. Since money only comes directly from the community the most sensible approach without paywalling existing and future features is to grow the community. Thus the requirements for a more consistent app and user experience.

TBH I also hated when some integrations started to move from YAML to auto discovery, because it was… spotty. Now? It just works (most of the time… :smiley: ).

UI is a big part of an application that wants to be the center part of your home. And for that to work we need to have designers on a team. Let the designers design, while letting the coders code. It’s better that way :slight_smile:


I miss the chimney, other than that It’s cute. :house:

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I love the visual simplicity of the design and the font choice, but the vertical centering of the text with the icon feels unbalanced, as if the text is too high. It might be worth trying to align the ascender height with the top of the “circuit” icon instead.


Will this new logo be available as an mdi icon?


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