Aarlo doorbell problems


Just got an Arlo Doorbell - already have four cameras. The cameras work really well with the “aarlo” integration (installed from HACS). I can’t seem to get Home Assistant to pick up my new doorbell however :frowning:

Anyone have the Arlo doorbell working with the aarlo integration? Without HA integration, the doorbell doesn’t help me much…

According to

…the doorbell should be supported, but I get no device (nothing in “states”) for the doorbell. Nothing in the logs that seem to indicate much…

does anyone have any pointers?

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I also need this!

Did you get this working? I didn’t. :neutral_face:

Did anyone get this working? I can see my doorbell battery level and signal strength using aarlo, but I can’t figure out how to find out when it is pressed. I want the doorbell to trigger a light to flash in my living room.

If my tv is loud I can’t hear it ring…

how did you get the doorbell status’s to even show?
mine wont do that but cameras work a treat