Ability to hide configuration options in Blueprints

Some blueprints can get really complex because all options will always be presented to the user. This can become confusing and overwhelming as features are added.
I would imagine that some users get lost in what is and isn’t configured or even configurable.

It would be great to be able to hide parts of the automation’s configuration based on the options that are selected.

A simple example:
This would be the configuration of a blueprint that turns a light on.

Currently it would look something like this:

  • Target selector
  • Brightness selector
  • Color selector
  • Transition selector

It would be more practical and user friendly as follows:

  • Select target light
  • Tick option ‘Set brightness’ > Brightness selector is shown
  • Tick option ‘Set color’ > Color selector is shown
  • Tick option ‘Set transition’ > Transition selector is shown

If you think it’s a good idea, you should vote for it. I did…
Suggested Reading:
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Desperatedly needed feature. I have so many optional configuration options in my blueprinrs, which I would love to hide if eg a boolean selector is false.

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Either some kind of nesting on the !input statements would work or even just a hide checkbox mark that the user themselves could hide what they don’t want to see would be great. (forcing items that do not have a value to stay visible. Default “” would still be a value).

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A simple collapsible section like in Markdown would already be great, but ideally I envision this to be developer manageable first, user manageable second.

For example:
My blueprint :bulb: The Everything Light - Trigger a light any way and turn it on in any way currently has 4 operating modes, each with their own settings.
As the developer, it would be great to let it only show the options of the mode it’s configured to run in.

In second order, a user should have the choice to collapse different option sections should they feel the need.

I have the same problem with mt Aqara Cube BP’s. I ended up using emoji’s in different sections to help guide the user, but it’s a mess for sure.

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