Feature Request Guidelines πŸ“”

Feature Requests work best if you pick an integration or core function, clearly state why it is not to your liking, then what you think it should do or what features you think are missing.
A good title goes a long way to attract attention to your problem/solution.

Remember to search the entire Feature Requests Catalog first before you add a duplicate. If you find one that is close to what you would like to see, consider voting for that one instead. The forum tool is pretty good at guessing about things that are similar, and search is also a good idea.

If your Feature Request is determined by us to be a duplicate, it will be immediately closed.

If you have a specific idea how to fix the issue, that should be added next. Examples and details that would convince others that this is a good idea are helpful here either on your Feature Request or the one you found to vote for.

Always remember to vote for your own Feature Request
If you won’t even vote for it, noone will.
The more votes, the more likely it will be seen which makes it more likely that it will be worked on.

Feature Requests are NOT for:

  • Asking for help to fix your specific configuration problem / question.
  • Asking for new ZHA, espHome, Z2M, Zwave, etc. hardware to be added.
  • Anything related to non-core custom integrations.

If there are non-core custom integrations that you want to see implemented into core, that is done by the Individual custom integration developer, so encourage them to develop the integration for core.