Ability to set individual name on zwave nodes

I use Z-Wave and have a “Qubino Flush 2 Relays”, which have two switches.

If i rename the node in Home-Assistant, the switch get:
switch.livingroom , switch.livingroom_2

I want the switch to be able to:
switch.livingroom_light , switch.livingroom_fan

Two ways I know of -

  1. Shut down hass and manually update the entries in the zwcfg_xxx.xml file in the root of your HA configuration directory. The xxx will be the hex ID of your zwave network.

  2. Shut down hass and fire up ozwcp and make the changes in there and save to file. Then you’ll need to copy the zwcfg_xxx.xml file back into the HA configuration directory before restarting hass.

Either way, make a backup of the xml file first.