"Predefine" Zwave node names (migrating between systems and from OH)

I’m looking at HA to replace OH (possibly). My rules are an issue, but I can deal with that somewhat with rewrites.

But One feature I like in Openhab is the concept of the things file which can be used for specifying things…and in particular discovered items like zwave nodes. Now that may been counter intuitive…but it’s really handy if you’re running a couple of systems for testing/ development and a live system…means you can have the same node names instead of auto generated.

It looks like they can be set after the fact? Ability to set individual name on zwave nodes

But can I do it now, it I now all my device names, and the particular attributes (switches, sensors) that I’d like to use so that when I connect up the zwave usb stick it’ll just go?

You can fix the names pretty easily, use rename node and update entity_config.yaml. That does require that you’ve added those devices though, since the names are keyed off the devices.