Ability to use deconz beta version


it would be nice when you could choose between a deconz beta and stable version in Supervisor plugin.

The actual beta from deconz can pair silvercrest (LIDL) sensors. https://phoscon.de/de/changelog
I need it to test the devices but in the actual configuration with using the hassio deconz plugin i cant use the beta for tests.

Thanks a lot

Jap I need it too… It would be great if it is possible

Thanks a lot

I tried http://phoscon.de/pwabeta or http://phoscon.de/pwa, no luck, always get “Login failed.”

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I am also interested in this feature!

I’ve open multiple device request into deconz github and developers usually ask us to try a beta version to confirm if the changes they’ve done actually works.

Having the possibility of installing the beta version, would be really nice :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem.

Did you try these two options? They did not for me.
Phoscon App - Login:’

Did anyone find a solution to this?

There are a few devices I would like to get working that are currently only supported in the beta and not the release.

if you add deconz as a docker container then you can use latest beta. (Docker Hub)

But you have to reconfigure all your setting.

And you loose support of HA, not worth the try.

Only solution to this in my opinion is to natively provide this feature as an option directly in the deCONZ addon (addons/deconz at master · home-assistant/addons · GitHub).

I do not have that problem, let me explain my setup.

I have Home Assistant Operating System as a VM on my unraid server.

When I install deconz docker on the same unraid server, HA discovers deconz integration automatically.

unraid server : https://unraid.net/

I´m wishfully awaiting an urgently needed fix I´m suffering a lot. It arrived in v2.13.2-beta recently.

Dear addons/deconz at master · home-assistant/addons · GitHub maintainers, please support switching to/between beta releases in HA addon of deCONZ !

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I awaiting the update for new devices as well :frowning: so this would be great to add.

It would be great. I’m eagerly awaiting the Ikea button fix in 2.13 :wink:

Yeah some Beta would be nice

This would be really helpful! Especially when ppl (like me) are experiencing constant troubles with deconz/COnbee 2 loosing connection, not connecting to network, dropping individual devices randomly etc etc…