Abode Cameras

I keep looking at the Abode Integration in Home Assistant and seeing it mention cameras working with it. For some reason I don’t seem to be able get Home Assistant to be able to see the cameras I have included in my Abode setup. I am not sure if it just doesn’t work with the newer cameras the recently released or if I just have not configured it properly.

I’m experiencing the same problem. Every device/sensor added to the Abode gateway was discovered by HA, except the Abode Cam 2.

Same goes for me, except I’m trying to add my Abode Smart Cam…no joy

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I haven’t had any luck with the Abode Cam 2 being found either. Will open an issue on the Core Github page.

Did you ever figure this out @Hanson, @tcochran1987, @cardblower, or @KeithFree?

It’s still an open issue with no apparent action.

Just ran into this issue today. Anyone find a fix?

Good news, I have this (partially) working. The cameras are showing up in HA, but they all seem to be showing the same preview image and I don’t have full-motion video yet. Will work on this further and submit a PR to the project when it’s ready.

Steps to get it working so far:

  1. Clone the core repo.
  2. Copy the abode component to config/custom_components/abode/.
  3. Replace all instances of abodepy with jaraco.abode.
  4. Restart Home Assistant and add the Abode integration as usual.
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Any updates?

If you have some fixes partially working that you’d like to share, maybe we can collaborate on GitHub?

Haven’t had time recently. I’ll try to test it some more and open a PR we can collaborate on.

@jeremy.mcmillan good news! I’ve opened the PR here:

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Had some Internet issues for a couple of weeks, and crazy busy at work after the holidays so I’m coming up for air and excited to see the PR in the queue. I’ll have a look tonight!

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So nice!

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Hi everyone:

Sorry to just jump in, but I’ve been looking for Abode Cam2 integration for a LONG time and just came across this discussion. Today after the usual updates, I spotted two cameras on my dashboard that were not there before, and lo and behold they are my Abode Cam 2 cameras!

No idea how they got there or how to actually display from them. Any suggestions?

I pushed an update to Home Assistant a few weeks ago that added support for Abode Cam 2.


Thanks for the hard work on this - also just noticed all my Abode camera entities populating in HA… however when setting up picture entity cards I can’t seem to show any video or stills from the cameras. Is there something that needs to be done?

I have the same question. I’m on 2023.3.3, and see the device detected but no image or streaming loads when i load the card i added to the dash. Is there something additional I should be configuring? @tradel should these fixes you mentioned be already in latest stable release?

I found somewhere on here that I had to set an automation to capture an image on a timer (every 3 min in my case) from each camera. It’s the same as going into the app and clicking to capture an image from each camera, so it will show that you requested an image capture. It’s not live video capable yet, but this at least gets us somewhere.

I am interested to learn if there has been any further development on the Abode camera streaming working in Home Assistant?