About the Feature Requests category


Suggest a feature, get fellow users to vote on it and see it happen.

Samsung vacuum

When submitting feature requests for integration of new devices or services, please include the following information as it will help to get your request evaluated:

  1. Brief description of the device or service.
  2. Link to the provider or manufacturer’s product or service page.
  3. Link to the service or device’s API, along with information as to whether it is public or requires an account or key. (This is extremely important because without a published API, integration of any device or service will be difficult if not impossible!)
  4. Any other relevant information including examples or GitHub repositories related to the device or service.



Just for clarification:

  • If your Feature Request is getting a lot of votes doesn’t mean that an integration will happen.
  • You can ask for an integration of device X but we, the developers and the community, don’t buy hardware to integrate it.

This is a community-driven project and depends on the contributions of volunteers.