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where can one find information on this “Home Assistant Companion” for android?

Is there a Companion app for Android? I didn’t hear anything about it. The only working app I know is Ariela (wich is actively maintained by the way).

Honestly I like HA for it’s published code

I worry greatly about apps. This is especially true for an app that I am providing access to my home systems and basically network and more.

See: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant-Android


Hi Jason, tried the build but gettint this error:

No matching client found for package name 'io.homeassistant.android'

Sorry, no support for a project which has only an idea.

oh, sorry. I thought it was testable. Thank you for your prompt response

It only load demo.home-assistant.io for now

Thank you very much

Is there any update on when this will be fully available?

So I finally set this up on my wife’s iPhone for our front door notifications. She is already liking it better then twilio text message. Now to wait for Android. I may have to jump back to IOS :nauseated_face:.

Please keep us posted on status and if you need beta tester’s.

This is android app?? :thinking:

no this is the companion app for ios. I want the one for andriod.

You sure?

Have you tried this method and does it work?

Waiting like…

If someone needs a beta tester, let me know :slight_smile:


Why not just use the web app, works so well. I have a feeling tradition Android apps are going to go away in future as web engine gets better.

Mostly because an app can also feed back the location, status, battery, and other info from your phone, as well as it might be easier to create rich notifications. Html5 notifications aren’t all that great and not great for less technical people to set up.

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Regarding reading info from phone it can be useful, however that also can be achieved using Tasker. I really think if someone makes an official HA plug in for Tasker, not only they can automate their home based on status of their phone, they also can automate their phone based on satuts of their home. It will go way beyond dedicated app for android. Regarding notification I think more effort on HA web front can stream line web push notifications. But at the end of the day more options the better it is for everyone.