AC Units with Local Support as of February 2024

Hi. I am about to buy an AC solution for our home, and I am doing research on what’s available. I want to go only with options with local control, and here is my current understanding and compilation. I am putting them into my wrong, messy, incomplete sheet here (I will accept suggestions/comments), based on merging various github Readme notes etc.

A concise summary:

  1. Conditioners from Midea group can be controlled either via
    a) midea_ac_lan. You need an app to add it to your network.
    b) using a dongle with ESPHome flashed on it. You can buy it prebuilt on a few places, costs like 15$. Then you don’t need an app. This thread tries to compile a list of supported units.
  2. Conditioners from Gree group can be controlled locally via this integration. You might not even need the app to add the device to your network via this command.
  3. Panasonic, needs custom dongle that seems to be hard to get assembled now and require quite some technical skills.
  4. Samsung, via:
    a) this
    b) ESPHome thing for about $15. Seems that a lot of devices are supported, specifically those with NASA protocol. This one seems to support the most of the things, including setting everything, reading temperature, power, … on both individual as well as the outdoor units. From what I’ve seen, this one seems to be so far the best option for local control (it supports most of the Samsung units, supports most of the functions, and isn’t that complicated).

I can’t find many other brands that would have reasonable local support, but please, help me out!

I confirm that probably all modern Samsung ACs (as of June 2024) can be nicely and cheaply and locally (no cloud needed) integrated with HA. [NASA] F1/F2 users · lanwin/esphome_samsung_ac · Discussion #82 · GitHub