Access 2 instances of HA independently via duckdns?

Hi All,

Just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to be able to access / login to HA remotely via two different sub domains.

I have tried but it seems point to 1 only and advises certificate is for 1.

I’m assuming some port forwarding network related issues.

if I have 443 pointed to 1 ip I can’t point it to the other obviously!

Thanks in advance!

Assuming these are both located on the same public IP, you need a reverse proxy to resolve each hostname independently and serve up the correct certificate.

Thanks callifo! Yes they are both same public IP. Any particular setup you could suggest?

give a different internal port to each instance and use this addon:

Probably need to clarify, as the last poster and I have interpretted what you wrote differently.

Is it 2 different instances of HA on one public IP, or 1 instance and you want 2 different public hostnames?

Either way, you can just use a reverse proxy. If you are use the HA OS you can just download one of the proxy addons and follow the instructions. I dont (I only use venv, so I can’t offer much on the HA OS side) and just use Caddy to do it.

2 different instances of home assistant on one public IP. And accessed via 2 different duckdns sub domains!

I’m assuming using to different internal port no. 8123 and 8600 for instance.

Yeah, you could go either way to be honest. Forwarding different ports would do fine.

Thanks Guys I’ll give it a crack!