Accessing bluetooth status on iPhone to conditionally open garage door

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I’ve done some searches and I don’t think this topic is out there and maybe this isn’t even possible. I’m looking for a way to open my garage door only if I’m in MY car. My wife and I have separate garage doors and when we’re driving home in her car my garage door opens because HA thinks I’m driving home in my car. My thought on a workaround would be to set a condition that checks to see if my phone is connected to MY car’s bluetooth. I thought possibly iCloud integration would have a sensor option for BT connectivity but it only appears to be GPS and battery status/level.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

The iOS shortcuts app can create a personal automation that fires when your phone connects to carplay, You could can use that to set an input boolean and then change your garage automation so it only works if the boolean is true.

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Oh, interesting, I like that idea. In that case would I have to use IFTTT in order to pass that information to HA?

Another option is to have one bluetooth tracker in each car and a ESP32 to on the wall to see which car is arriving.

No, you don’t need IFTTT. Check this out: iOS Shortcuts with HA (No SSL Required)

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