🔔 Actionable notifications for Android

Haven’t tested this myself, but you could try removing the quotes around ‘trigger_entity’? Leave the ones around ‘cleaning’ though.
I think trigger_entity is a defined name in that blueprint so wouldn’t need any quotes around it.

I was to try this change, but I have detected the problem: I wrote vacum instead on vacuum when configuring the automation.
Thanks for your comment.

I already do have sensors which detect the status, I’m just not sure how to use the “Helper” in this blueprint to detect it. I’ve got a myQ so cover.garage_door detects it, but I don’t know how to use the input_boolean helper to detect that I guess.

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Like @ganastor, I’m wondering how to make the input_boolean give the information I want. For example, if I want to trigger it when sensor.front_door is open, do I create a helper called “input_boolean.front_door_open” or something like that? Right now “input_boolean.input_boolean” is the name of the helper, and I can’t figure out how to use it in an automation.

Also, how would I add a condition to an automation with this blueprint? For example, I want to receive a notification if it’s after 23:00 and before 06:00 and the alarm is disarmed. The notification would allow me to Arm Home, Arm Away, or Open the alarm app. I know how to configure the actions for this automation, I just don’t know how to detect the condition properly.

Fantastic idea but I would like to use my working automation how I can edit it? Boolean shows me nothing in this blueprint.

Oh! I’m sorry. The way I use this blueprint is I have the blue print setup to do what I want. Basically just create any input_boolean and in the blueprint select whatever one you created. Continue on and setup the blueprint however you like, to do what ever action you want. THEN create a NEW automation with a trigger of whatever you need (like your sensor being activated), then the ACTION is to turn on the input_boolean that you created. Then whenever your sensor is TRIGGERED, it will cause the input_boolean.turn_on action. When this input_boolean is triggered, it will fire your other Actionable notification. So your using 2 different automations basically one for your blue print, then another one to fire the notification.

Sorry if i’m not explaining it very well. My case I have a washing machine that I want to notify me when it completes, but I’d like an option to receive a reminder in 5 minutes or stop the notifications. I have a smart plug monitoring the power usage of my washer so that when the power goes below a certain level, it triggers an automation. The action from this trigger is my input_boolean. Then I use this blueprint with the same input_boolean. So when my washing machine automation fires, it simply fires this actionable notification. Think of the input_boolean as your trigger, but your putting it as an action for another automation.


Thanks, I think I’ve almost got it. So in my example, I create an automation that says if sensor.alarm=disarmed and time is between 2300 and 0600, set input_boolean.alarm_not_set to ON. Then I use your blueprint to create another automation that says if input_boolean.alarm_not_set is ON, then perform the notification actions. Does that sound about right? Thanks again for this blueprint @vorion ; I think I’m going to find numerous uses for it once I get a handle on how to employ it correctly.

EDIT: That’s exactly what I needed to do. Although I’m thinking I’ll refine it, I created an action with a trigger of 23:00. If the alarm control panel is disarmed, it calls service input_boolean.turn_on for input_boolean.alarm_not_set_at_night.

Then the second automation uses your blueprint. When alarm_not_set_at_night is set to on, I receive a notification “The Alarm is not set.” The choices are Arm Home, Arm Away, and Open Simplisafe.

I tested by turning off the alarm and then firing the 1st automation. Immediately I saw the second automation was triggered as well, and in a few seconds I received the notification. I tested opening the app and setting to home; both worked fine although Arming Home didn’t work on the first try. I’m chalking that up to the remote connection from my phone far away to home. In any event, if I select arm home and I don’t see it arm quickly, I can then open Simplisafe and arm it from there. FYI, the input boolean turns itself off after the trigger. No need to manually turn it back off. It’s sitting there ready to check again at 23:00 tomorrow.

Thanks again for the blueprint and for the explanation by @kodeypatterson !

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Thanks a ton for explaining! I haven’t been able to find a lot of good documentation on the helpers, and the youtube videos I watched all use node red, so I was a little unsure how to use them. Your explanation helped a ton, so tyty!

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Is there a way to make a script an actionable notification. I tried some time ago but wasn’t able to.

Is it possible to send a notification after certain conditions are met?
(eg send a notification of a sensor triggered only if alarm is armed)

Wonderful blueprint!

I wonder if this could be extended to choose the possibility to remove the notification automatically when the binary sensor comes back to off position.

For instance, I would use this automation to notify me that my garage door is open so that I can run the action to close it. But if it is closed manually it would be wonderful to get the notification removed from my phone automatically.



I’m pretty sure, that your blueprint is messing with my input_boolean.
I’ve attached my existing input_boolean (which sets from 0 to 1 when I got home). This blueprint resets it to 0 again immediately :frowning:

Did you find a way around this? For now I’m just creating two automations, one for each phone.

I’m having the same issue with my setup. :+1:

Turning off the input_boolean is in the automation, lines 120 and 121:

- service: input_boolean.turn_off
  entity_id: !input 'trigger_entity'

You might try commenting out those lines or deleting them and see if the automation still works for you. I haven’t tried it myself because I’m using a boolean that I want turned off.

That did the trick. Works like I was expecting now.

Great job,thanks!

Found a typo in action_2uri:

update to

      name: URI for action 2 (Optional)
      description: Optional URI for the second action
      default: ""

really cool, thanks

I thought I’d mention in this thread, I used bits of this blueprint to make my own! Thanks for your awesome blueprint!

Hey, I’m looking at using your blueprint to notify on activity detected by a camera. Great job on that, thanks for sharing!
I changed the trigger to an input_text instead of an input_boolean, that works well. That input_text captured the message sent by the camera on detection. Do you know if there is a way to have that message as notification title? I’ve tried to use {{ trigger.to_state }} without success… removing the brackets doesn’t work either, template isn’t resolved…
Any help would be welcomed! cheers