Simplisafe Check for Alarm Set at Night Android

Inspired by this blueprint, I made an automation to check if the alarm is set at 23:00 every night. If not set, it sends me a notification with 3 action buttons: Arm Home, Arm Away, and Open Simplisafe.

Here’s how I configured it in the UI (device names anonymized):

Configuration > Helpers > Add Helper > Toggle
I named it “Alarm not set at night” which gave it the name input_boolean.alarm_not_set_at_night.

Configuration > Automations > Add Automation
I also named it “Alarm not set at night.”
Trigger: Time, 23:00
Condition type: State
Entity: Alarm Control Panel
State: disarmed
Action: Call Service
Service: input_boolean.turn_on
Entity id: input_boolean.alarm_not_set_at_night

Then I created a 2nd automation using the Actionable notifications for Android blueprint.

Name: “Set the alarm”
Device to notify: my phone
Entity: input_boolean.alarm_not_set_at_night
Notification message: The alarm isn’t set
First Action Name: Arm Home
Action type: Device
Device: Alarm Control Panel
Action: Arm Home
Second Action Name: Arm Away
Action type: Device
Device: Alarm Control Panel
Action: Arm Away
Third Action Name: Open Simplisafe
URI: app://

I tested it by remotely disarming the alarm and manually triggering the 23:00 time check automation. Immediately I saw it fired the 2nd automation, so that one works as well.

Within a few seconds, my phone received a notification. I tested the Arm Home and Open Simplisafe app, and they both worked.

I’ll probably refine the automation to check for other things, but for now it’s ensuring the alarm is turned on by 11pm if we forgot to do it. Even if the Arm Home button fails, which it did the first time, at least I’ve been notified and can manually arm it from Simplisafe.

Credit goes to @vorion for the blueprint.

Here’s my YAML for those who prefer to see it this way:

Alarm not set at night:

alias: Alarm Not Set at Night
description: ''
  - platform: time
    at: '23:00'
  - condition: state
    state: disarmed
  - service: input_boolean.turn_on
    data: {}
    entity_id: input_boolean.alarm_not_set_at_night
mode: single

Set the Alarm:

alias: Set the Alarm
description: >-
  If the alarm isn't set at 23:00, send a notification asking if I want to arm
  the alarm.
  path: vorion/actionable-notifications-for-android.yaml
    notify_device: <my phone>
    trigger_entity: input_boolean.alarm_not_set_at_night
    notification_message: The alarm isn't set
    action_1_title: Arm Home
      - device_id: <My Alarm Panel>
        domain: alarm_control_panel
        type: arm_home
        code: ''
    action_2_title: Arm Away
      - device_id: <My Alarm Panel>
        domain: alarm_control_panel
        type: arm_away
        code: ''
    action_3_title: Open Simplisafe
    action_3_uri: 'app://'