Add a second border router to a existing Thread network

I just create my brand new Thread network and comissioning my first Thread Matter device. Now I wonder, how to add a second border router to my existing network?

Currently the OpenThread Border Router integration only support a single instance, unfortunately :cry: We are working on support multiple, hopefully this lands soon :crossed_fingers:

Actually, there are two problems here: The OpenThread Border Router add-on and The OpenThread Border Router integration. The integration part we intend to fix soon.

Currently it is also only possible to install/run a single add-on instance. However, runnign two instances at on the same machine is usually also not helpful: You want to spread out the BRs. So ideally you install another OTBR instance on a different machine.

To control such a second instance, as a work around to the problem that the integration only supports one instance, you should be able to just delete the current one from the integration and add just the second one, and configure it from the Thread configuration panel. The OTBR is self-contained, so the first instance should continue to run with the last configuration. You just won’t be able to control it anymore from the Thread configuration panel.