Add functionality to notify service responce in companion app for arbitrary audio, as well as functionality to play the file from companion

companion could play arbitrary audio url provided in the notify service call data (instead of setting the message to “TTS”, set it to MEDIA_URL, and set media_url: http://homeassistant/local/tts.wav )
This would compliment the existing way to request the assist pipeline to provide a TTS, but could have wide application such as playing a custom audio alert followed by a regular popup notification.

The issue i have with current TTS is my assist pipeline has a “personality” using the voice ive selected, but when i get a TTS notice away from home, it breaks immersion hearing some stranger tell me the cats water is empty.
And since i spend a lot of time tuning piper to behave in a specific way, i just want the same voice from any device.

Ive conidered using the intents function to achieve this, but ive never been able to get this to work on android, and the ability to play audio url within companion would benefit both fruit and robot phone users.

I just found this post after seeing the other feature request you commented on.

My use case is that I would like to be able to create an audio file with Chime TTS that is made available on the HA server. I want to be able to have that audio file played on my phone. So, I think I’d like the notification platform to be able to request the companion app play an audio file subject to whatever DND restrictions are applicable.

Currently I use a TTS notification with this android app as my on device TTS provider which uses Microsoft Edge TTS which is a quite nice voice, however I prefer to have the “chime” to get attention, and I’d prefer to have a local option for TTS that HA provides. The app is written in Chinese? but it has enough UI elements in English that I was able to get it functional. Perhaps the chime could be handled by the app, but I’m not sure how.

Perhaps an edit to the FR title “Notify Platform - Play Audio File From Server”? I know what you want by the two posts, but can’t understand from the title.