Add Google Home device to Home Assistant

I have a smart thermostat that can be integrated in Google Home, I want to integrate also in Home Assistant to get Temperature and Humidity in a Lovelace card.
It is possible to get data from Google Home in Home Assistant?


Nope. Sorry.

So there is no way to do it?? There are not public Google Home API?

Nope. Blame Google.

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And Alexa?Because the device is also connected with Alexa

What about the Google Assistant integration?

Alexa works with Home Assistant, there are several ways:

Automatic setup

Emulated Hue

Alexa Media Player

Yes I yet integrate home assistant with Alexa and Google but I need to do the opposite, get device data from Google Home

No, you need to get the data from the Thermostat directly, not via Google. The Google Home device (or smart display) doesn’t store any data, it receives it’s information directly from the Google “Home Graph”. Why don’t you tell us about the thermostat and someone might be able to suggest a way to get the data from the thermostat.

Thankyou for answer.
I not write about thermostat because I ask here:

And for now there is no way to get data from thermostat so I think it will be great if I get it from Google Home or Alexa

Well sadly it is not possible. When you ask Google or Alexa for the information, they get the information from their databases online, they don’t store that information on the device itself. If Poer support Google Assistant directly, then it means that every time the temperature changes, or the mode of the thermostat changes, they report the change to Google / Amazon directly, that way when you ask for the information, they don’t have to ask Poer for the information first - because that would slow down the response to the query.

Ok so my question is there is no way to get this information from Google or Alexa emulating the Google Home or Alexa android app?

Oh absolutely it would be possible to periodically request the information from Google Assistant. There are various packages around online that will achieve this, using the Google Assistant Embedded SDK. But there is no simple install, configure and forget solution. You are going to have to get Assistant Embedded SDK installed somewhere, create some code that will issue the request to the Assistant, parse the response and deal with errors, before sending that information back to Home Assistant (via MQTT or a HTTP POST or something).

You will need to do a lot of Googling, and learn to use Python or PHP or Perl or Bash or something to make the request, parse the result etc.

Ok the PHP, or Python is not a problem for me but I not find anything about Google Home API.
Please can you indicate me where I can find information?

This is where you would start: Introduction to the Google Assistant Service  |  Google Assistant SDK  |  Google Developers or for NodeJS - GitHub - googlesamples/assistant-sdk-nodejs

Ok I will try, but If I’m not wrong the assistant SDK is for integrate voice recognition in projects? Is it true? My goal is send some REST request to Google end point and get back data. Do you think I can reach it with assistant SDK?

An example given on the NodeJS page is:

assistant.assist('what time is it')
  .then(({ text }) => {
    console.log(text); // Will log "It's 12:30"

The Assistant SDK will issue the request to Google via Text or Voice. The important thing is that the request is sent to Google and a response from Google is received.

This is great, is what I need.

I will try and let you know.

I try it, I’m able to ask via nodejs to Assistant things like what time is it and it answer me correctly but if I ask what is the temperature of a Google Home device it answer me “undefined”. What I’m missing?

Google Home devices don’t have temperatures. You need to ask it what the temperature is of either the room that the thermostat has been placed in - inside the google home app, or the thermostat name itself - eg:

what is the temperature of the livingroom

I try also this but always return undefined…