Add IKEA devices

Noob to zigbee here so bare with me…

I have a Pi with Zigstar USB stick running ZHA, managed to add an Acara motion and two door sensors into HA but struggling to work out what to do with an IKEA TRÅDFRI bulb and STYRBAR controller.

The bulb and 4 way button thing talk to each other and are what I would call ‘paired’, I can change warmness of bulb between the 3 settings and up/down brightness but cannot add it to HA.

No matter what combination of off/on and button pushing I do HA won’t find it.

For the bulb, switch I followed the instructions, turned the bulb on, stuck the controller near it and pressed ‘sync’ button on the inside where the batteries are.

Any ideas how I add them to HA?

I got IKEA bulbs working with Zigbee2MQTT and Raspee II and slaesh’s CC2652RB stick. They paired easily using the factory reset as described here.

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Thanks that was helpful.

I’m sort of getting there…
I managed to add the bulb after the reset and trial and error with mashing it on and off. That now appears properly with on/off, brightness and the hue etc.

I can’t get the button to add properly.
I managed to do the 4 button press on the sync button and after many attempts it configured it in HA and added it but I can’t seem to do much with it.
It picks the battery life but doesn’t add any of the buttons (4) to the dashboard, it’s adds a diagnostic view but not the control view to the device.

AFAIK those controllers do not add any buttons to the UI, but they trigger device events to be used in automations.

By digging around I think I should see a zha_event in developer tools > events ?
I see no listener by this name and entering zha_event, starting and button mashing does nothing as well.

I appear to be able to ‘bind’ the controller to the bulb in HA which allows basic on/off and dimming but not the hue change.

Still no zha_event and also the status isn’t updated in HA so if I turn the bulb on via the remote HA still thinks its off. Are the devices not stateful as in HA will know when its on/off and levels.

So far not that impressed with zigbee…

OK after removing and resetting multiple times I have the bulb in HA which seems to work.
I have the controller in HA which seems to work and I see zha_events now.
I managed to bind the controller to the bulb, this turns the light on off along with brightness but hue doesn’t work and it doesn’t update HA on the status either.

I guess I can unbind and use the events to trigger the bulb but not sure of responsiveness so I’ll play some more.

Is it the IKEA stuff or is zigbee a little more temperamental? So far I’m used to 433Mhz and WiFi stuff which seems to work first time, trouble with 433Mhz is it doesn’t report back and WiFi is a power Drain on battery stuff.

I’ve found IKEA bulbs to pair very reliably (I have about 70 of them) in both deconz and ZHA, but I have never first paired them to a remote directly. My guess is that that first pairing made it harder. The remotes (about 10) have also paired very reliably for me. The round-trip time through HA is no problem for using the remote to trigger an automation to trigger a bulb.

Came across this blueprint which works pretty well so far :video_game: ZHA, deCONZ, Zigbee2MQTT - Ikea E1743 On/Off Switch & Dimmer Universal blueprint - all actions + double click events - control lights, media players and more with Hooks - Blueprints Exchange - Home Assistant Community (

It doesn’t off the hue cycling and dimming it up/down is a bit fast… we’re at full brightness or off sort of thing but I think it’s worth a play :slight_smile:

I don’t have any bulbs but IKEA styrbar was no problems pairing with ZHA.

Are you pressing the button being the backplate until the LED is flashing?