Add latest model of Switchbot Lock Pro

Set it up without any problems, but I’m missing the night latch function. Is there any chance to implement this ? Also, the integration seems to don’t know if it’s in lock state or not e.g. when using the Switch Bot App to lock / unlock.
Great work so far, hopefully it’ll be even better soon :+1::wink:

Maybe install a bluetooth proxy near the lock?

For correctly support nightlatch it would be helpful if people using this feature can post their lock’s ADV from HA debug log.

Commands for it are already in the code but the detection if the feature is on not working.

Will be happy to provide the needed logs in 2 weeks after my vacation. Thanks for now!

I couldn’t see the lock after updating core to 2024.7.1 initially. After disabling passive scanning in bluetooth settings the lock appeared! Finally!

-65 to -85db should be good enough. It’s not about the bluetooth connection. Other bluetooth devices in that location work well.

My signal strenght is about the same and my server is a meter (~3 feet) from the lock so yes, it’s not about the connection and bluetooth proxy would have no effect.

Tried a different normal USB Blutooth Adapter and it works now without any problems. Used the rpi built in bluetooth previously, which didn’t work at all. I got the SABRENT BT-UB40 (CSR8510A10) mentioned in the bluetooth documentation as working. Distance from HA to Lock is about 2,5m with a wall inbetween.

Binary sensor is still not working, showing state “closed” no matter what

Did this and its working perfect with instant response time!

Will I definitely have to create a new SwitchBot account in order to get the encryption key? Or will I be able to retrieve the key using the “pySwitchbot” mentioned in
SwitchBot Bluetooth - Home Assistant ?

If I can use the python script, can someone give a hint how that is used? What MAC address is to be used? IIRC the lock pro is not in my wifi, just connected to the Hub mini? So I guess I’ll have to use the BT MAC address? And I guess the python script has to be run on a device that has bluetooth (maybeon on my home assistant Pi)?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Same here, get used to do some automation with Lock binar sensor, but for Pro model still not working at all

Oh ok, alomst working perfect. If I unlock manually it doesn’t detect in HA. But it seems to work going from Unlock to locked though…

Connected the Lock Pro over Bluetooth and it works fine, but if I unlock it from the switchbot app the status in HA still shows as locked.

If I unlock using HA then the status shows as unlocked, if I then lock it using the switchbot app then the HA status updates.

I don’t plan on using the switchbot app, I still need to confirm If HA updates when manually locked/unlocked.

The old lock was synced in all scenarios

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Lock states are slightly shifted in Lock Pro ADV. This should be fix in 2024.7.3.


2024.7.3 has fixed the previous issues. The last issue i have is that door sensor always says it’s open in HA and Switchbot app.

I’m pretty confident it was working, but a newer firmware broke something. I even took the magnet off and tried putting it right next to the lock and the status still shows open.

Tried removing the batteries, nothing works.

Edit: it’s working now after recalibration