Add-on : Quickly show QR-codes anywhere with local

Note: This Add-on is not needed anymore if you dont have an usecase which is not covered by this

Recently i got a new tablet installed on my wall to display a dashboard. I thought about displaying other information on request and how to do that fast and in an uncomplicated way. One simple solution is to use qr-codes.
I already knew this project which is very nice.
And while this works with their webpage, it has two flaws:
It is not local, and it will display the qr code among various other things which clutter the display.

So i modified the code to only display the qr code, then put that stuff in a docker container and finally made that container an addon.

This addon hosts a webserver that can generate qr-codes out of any text (including qr-codes for wifi access and more as shown in the docs)

I specificaly use this to display a wifi access code on my dashboard by simply pointing the kiosk browser i use to the url specified in the docs.

It may also work as a camara entity with a still_image_url set to the correct page but this would be a bit overkill.

Another thing that is quite usefull is that i can display my shopping list that way (using a template as a url) and quickly export it to any device.


Nice! A (custom) component from this would be even better.

I agree that would be much nicer. The problem is that i am not quite sure how to integrate this. This add-on approach allows you to display a dynamic qr code. Im not sure how one would acomplish that in a custom component, since the qr codes need to show somewhere as a entitiy then (correct me if im wrong, im not very experienced in that topic). They maybe could be camara entities but then they loose their dynamic.
In the add-on nobody prohibits you to create as many generic_camara entities as you want with templates as urls. Then you can easily make a camara that always displays your shopping list as qr code and stuff.

If you have an idea how to display the qr codes with a custom component text me and i will look into it :slight_smile:

Here you go :smiley:

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That’s an awesome idea :relaxed: I will play around a bit and revert with a Feedback…if I well understand we don’t need the docker add-on anymore right

Thanks !
Yes you dont need it anymore

I currently used magic mirror and module to show WiFi credentials as qr code but with yours it’s even better

Nice!!! I’ll have to take a look at this and integrate it with the project I just finished that leverages QR codes:

Nice project too …saw it earlier bit I don’t need to change my guests network that often

Thank you!

Most people I know - even my nerd friends - think that it is unnecessary as well. The fact of the matter, for me, is that with the APs I’m using, and the coverage area I have set up (my entire yard is covered, which extends beyond my property line), combined with the fact that I live in town, means that my neighbors are close. We are a social bunch, and enjoy entertaining, so we frequently have people over. The house itself has metal siding, so inside the house it’s somewhat like a faraday cage, and there is not even enough cell phone coverage to make or receive a call without WiFi calling - so guests are unable to even use their cellular data should they wish to do something like show me the latest doodad they bought, or look at a facebook post, or upload photos from the party, etc etc. As such, almost everyone that comes to my house asks “What’s the WiFi password?” We provide them the info for the segmented Guest network that cannot talk to anything but the internet, and uses Google DNS servers. Now, keep in mind that I’ve extended my network to cover my yard, which undoubtedly bleeds out into the neighborhood, especially with the long range APs I’m using. This means that the neighbors could (most likely unintentionally, but that’s not the point), be consuming my bandwidth. The tinfoil hat in me says “One of their kids could sit in their yard, on my WiFi, and start doing any number of illegal things that would get traced back to my house instead of theirs”, or anything else you want to insert there. Maybe it’s as innocuous as them streaming Netflix on my connection, which degrades my service - important since both my wife and I work from home full-time.

My solution was an elegant way of ensuring that at the end of the night, everyone is kicked off the Guest network, while simultaneously making it easy for guests to connect to the Guest network. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but then, cybersecurity isn’t for anyone - until they’re hacked. Being that I work in IT and see those messes first-hand (and get paid to clean them up), an ounce of prevention is worth TEN pounds (in this case) of treatment.

Now this is exactly the kind of ‘overcomplicated’ automations I love!
Nice project!

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absolute nice yes! :slight_smile: I agree with you

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