Add-on request: nextcloud

As stated here hassio-addons “We are currently not accepting third party add-ons to this repository.”

hassio-addons describes:

Home Assistant Community Add-ons

This is an active open-source project. We are always open to people who want to use the code or contribute to it.

Clear, let’s contribute to this open-source project and add Nextcloud add-on.

Adding a new add-on
We are currently not accepting third party add-ons to this repository.

Other third party add-ons such as Grafana are already available in this repository, but new once like Nextcloud will be rejected? I’m lost.

I’m struggling with adding mariadb instead of SQLite since it is the recommended db. Can someone help me?

I had a bear of a time getting nextcloud up and running with an external database in docker behind a reverse proxy. It seemed like the slightest issue or change would corrupt the database and drive me to have to wipe and restore.

I want to try it again, because it seems like a pretty great project, but it was the most sensitive thing I have ever set up.

in the end it’s all about maintenance burden. Frenck, who is the fallback maintainer once the original maintainers vanish has already too much on his plate and thus is not keen in getting more addons in this repository. This does not stop the community from creating their own “community add-on repo”, just like HACS has emerged from within the community. But be warned, maintaining an add-on repo is a lot of work.


Can someone who has set this up tell me whether nextcloud add on can be accessed remotely using the Nabu Casa domain? I think this is called Ingress.

I have had a hard time getting nextcloud + reverse proxy in docker going and I’m hoping that Nabu Casa + add on might be the answer for now.

Thanks in advance

Sorry, no idea about NabuCasa, but for me it was super simple to get remote access going using the Nginx Proxy Manager add-on. I am using duckdns and simply used it’s own domain for it. But it also works just fine as sub-subdomain, like

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give this thing one last try via home assistant add one. I desperately want to pull off this self-hosted nextcloud and release the reliance on paid cloud storage!

Hopefully you’ve been able to set this up with Nginx.

I made one of the Nextcloud add-ons discussed here. I have no idea how to get ingress working, I’ve put some time into it but never got it working. I’m not a developer, just a guy that wanted Nextcloud as an add-on and figured out basically how to get it to work.

So, if anybody reading this knows how, feel free to submit a PR I will incorporate it.



Is there any way to add an external hdd in order to Nextcloud addon can read/write from/to it in a supervised installation?


Hi, a nice way is to install sambanas to share the local drive as a Smb share. Then, you can add the smb share to nextcloud by installing the External Storage Support app, as described in this tutorial

So does anyone know what either of these Nextcloud / HA integrations actually do? Like what parts of Nextcloud does it actually pull in to HA?

Nextcloud add-ons let you run a full blown nextcloud instance on your device, using the HA supervisor add-on system (so you get an easy install on HA OS and HA supervised).


Thanks for filling that in for me. I keep forgetting that people use HA as a self hosting platform as well as a home automation platform.

Is anyone using NGINX Proxy Manager and got a valid ssl connection to nextcloud addon? I spent hours without any success. :\

yes, you have to enable SSL on NGINX Proxy Manager and disable it in Nextcloud since NGINX is handling it.

Thanks for your answer. I looked for it but it seems that there is no confident way to disable the http redirect. I am new to nextcloud especially the ha-addon version. Can you give me a hint in which way I can disable the nextcloud ssl handling / https redirect. Atm. I am running the eightyguy add-on version of the nextcloud addon.

I am using this version of the addon and also could not find a way to disable the unsigned ssl: hassio_addons/nextcloud at master · haberda/hassio_addons (

However, in caddy I can tell it to ignore the self-signed certificate and still use caddy to do the outward facing SSL. So, I think it double SSLs, but it does work. In caddy, you do this, perhaps there is something like it in nginx: {
import header
reverse_proxy * {
to 192.168.1.XX:XXX
transport http {
read_buffer 8192

all I did was to only define a port mapping for port 80 (not 443) in the add-on configuration and then pointed the proxy host of nginxproxymanager to the IP of my HA device and port I have configured in the add-on settings. Done. I ofc enabled and forced SSL in Nginx. That’s all I did.

edit: I also use the add-on from haberda, which jaaem just linked above

This is exactly what i’m trying. I’ve created a new duckdns subdomain which links in the nginx proxy manage to the nextcloud http port. But when I open the domain in the browser I get an unsecure connection warning.

//EDIT: Get certificate error. So when connecting to nextcoud the browser gets the certificate of home assistant.